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Thursday, June 30, 2005
With no particular links to any sort of article, editorial or otherwise, I am fairly incensed that this idiot still has a job. Without question, this guy is reserved a place on the Pro Idiots page.

Ward Churchill was secured a position in the Republic of Boulder by an affirmative action type drug deal. Even the Keetoowah Cherokee think that Ward Churchill is a bum. He is supposedly a member of this tribe. When asked to produce proof, he gave an ID card of sorts claiming that he was an honorary member of the tribe; but the Keetoowah Nation revoked it in 1994. They want no part of this scumbag. I find it hard to believe, even with all of the liberal sentiment running rampant in today's university system that this man is allowed to spout his rhetoric. It is devoid of facts at best and is mudslinging in its worst form.

What's worse is the fact that his students may be suffering from all of this media attention and whatnot. There is no question that the guy is making an ass out of himself nearly every time he opens his face and rapidly making enemies, even among his 'people'. Some of the students may actually buy into this propaganda, which is sad, but not a total loss as the said students were never brought up to think for themselves to begin with. What can you possibly learn of value from a man who lies about his roots to gain employment, plagiarizes paintings, makes outlandish statements that have little fact to back them up, and on top of it all; encourage the troops that are currently serving in Iraq to frag (murder) their leaders? That is called subversion and is punishable by death in time of war. There is much to be said about tradition. I grew up not too terribly far from the Republic of Boulder and have experienced the CU system and feel that this is a fairly honest assessment of the situation. Without a second thought, Ward Churchill needs to first find a box and then a foster home to store it in.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
If you enjoy having things like property rights and want a relatively non-intrusive way of telling the government so, here are a couple of options that may interest you.

1. If you live in the New London area, you could go to this rally.

2. A petition to send to your governor here.

3. Good Eminent Domain roundup here.

Or you could just troll the internet for animal porn and wait for the government to build a Cosco over your house. Your call.


I just sent this e-mail to Governor Ehrlich, the governor of Maryland. Feel free to borrow/steal it to send to yours. Also, feel free to post in comments any similiar letters sent to your respective politicians.

Governor Ehrlich,

The recent Kelo v. New London ruling by the Supreme Court has moved me to write to your office. I, along with a number of your constituents, are frankly frightened by some recent uses of Eminent Domain. Sir, your office could use this opportunity to ensure the citizens of Maryland that in this state property rights are respected, and that you will not allow the government to run roughshod over a cherished American institution-- the respected right of personal property. Not only would such an assurance be just, but it would be politically beneficial as well.

Please, take a moment to review the following pledge. Any public statement affirming the sentiments of this pledge would be very welcome by a great number of your fellow citizens. Thank you for your time sir.

"I pledge to the citizens of Maryland that I will:
Oppose efforts by my state government or municipalities within my state to use the government power of eminent domain for private development.
Support legislation and other efforts to ensure that the citizens of this state are safe from eminent domain for private development."


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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Yet again the Supreme Court has managed to outdo itself. With Kelo v. City of New London, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the age old constitutional right of the government to seize and redistribute your property as it sees fit. That is, as long as you're reading the Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.

First, I don't like Eminent Domain. Ever. That, however, is a debate that can be saved for later. The issue at hand here is the shocking, and now legal, overuse of the clause. To invoke Eminent Domain, the government is required to show that the property seized is to be used for public use. This typically meant something like an interstate, a bridge, or a school. After Kelo, however, the definition of public use includes increased tax revenue for the state. So, if Wal-Mart wants to put a store right on top of where your house happens to be, and they convince the state that hey, with our new store we'll bring in jobs and taxes thereby helping the greater good, than guess what-- your house is gonna go as quickly as a line of coke in a Camero.

Property rights have, again, been weakened. The government can now, through Eminent Domain, seize your property virtually at will. Add to this the recent ruling of Gonzales v. Raich, which permits the federal government to use the commerce clause to regulate every substance in the universe, and we are living in a country whose laws-- many of which by judicial fiat-- allow the government to control every aspect of your life.

Freedom in America is rapidly becoming a commodity on loan from the government.

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Scientology has gotten a bad rap recently. I think its important that this issue is taken with the decorum it so rightly deserves, and I would just like to ensure that all of this fine science-fiction story/religion's detractors understand one thing:

Scientology is the weirdest fucking cult in history. It would be less fucking weird if people were to start worshiping antique wardrobes in the hopes that they'll transport them to Narnia than it is to believe a religion whose dogma involves volcanoes, aliens, and inter-galactic battles. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

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The White House does not get President Bush in front of the press nearly as often as they should. Despite the attacks on his speaking skills, every time I have seen him I have been impressed. He is eloquent without being pretentious, straight forward and understandable without condescension, and seems to have that indefinable quality that, to use that increasingly over used phrase, makes one want to buy him a beer. Tonight's speech was no different.

The current mantra of the left is to demand the President present an "exit strategy" aka "an exact date that we'll pull out of this hell hole."

Bush answered clearly that a timeline sends the wrong message:
1. It sends the wrong message to the Iraqi's; leading them to believe we are exiting at some artificial time instead of finishing the mission.
2. It sends the wrong message to the troops; leading them to believe we aren't commited to the cause for which they are fighting.
3. It sends the wrong message to the terrorists; leading them to believe they can wait us out.

Another popular criticism is-- if the war is so important, why doesn't the President send more troops?

As this question has been raised, and answered, approximately 15 billion times since the start of the war, Bush deserves the utmost credit for responding to it without strangling the nearest reporter. We will send more troops, Bush explained, when the commanders in Iraq ask for more.

Bush provided clear, concise, and civil answers to the critics of the war. Although the hysterical left will certainly continue to parrot the same attacks, hopefully more American's will see the wisdom of the war, and our continued execution of it.

As for the administration, hopefully it will see what so many Bush supporters have known along-- that Bush is a unique and powerful public speaker-- and that his personal explanation of the administration's policies will win millions of supporters to his side.

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Monday, June 27, 2005
Book em' Dano.

As far as I am concerned, this is not only a good thing, but a slap in the face of the opponents; specifically Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton and Dick Durbin who would all like to compare the United States of America to some form of communistic gulag or fascist state. What is needed is more prisons in Iraq, but not more prison scandals.

I realize that this is a two-fold issue, as do many others I am sure. While doing their job, they have the capability to beat the self-proclaimed pundits at their own game while not giving them any stories to warp to anyone that may be dumb enough to listen to their rhetoric. This is the kind of garbage that gives the US military a bad name. Not only from within it's ranks (Harmon, Graner, England, Sivits, Akbar etc.) but from outside the ranks by politicians such as Pelosi, Durbin, Dean and Clinton. It is sickening that Hillary Clinton would be even remotely critical of the greatest military on the planet. It is sickening that people like Jean Francois Kerry would like to simply hand over control of our troops to the idiots at the United Nations; in itself a useless organization full of corruption and scandal. It's nearly hypocritical in it's entirety; the mere concept that the policy makers that are so critical have adapted a populist attitude vice their old proletariat supporting centrist days.

Now, at the partial fault of the media in combination with the idiosyncrasies of the above mentioned, you have a created negative image of the US military and the recruiting effort. I realize that this is not limited by any means to the above mentioned (nor the associated party), but rather in reference to a particular mindset most often voiced by the above and the associated party. It's almost as if they are madly stumping for the 2008 season without regards to the eventual outcome.

The US military is doing an outstanding job in the "Global War on Terrorism" with what they have. I laud the entirety of the military (save the within ranks examples and other like-minded cronies) for their efforts and sincerely hope that the motivation continues and carries them to victory. It seems as if along with the creation of a negative image, support has gone missing for the troops. I saw quite a few minions of the King of Pop releasing doves and holding placards in flag-waving support of an alleged child molester (which the jury is still out for many on this matter). In short, the accusations of a few loud-mouthed individuals is not only tarnishing the image of a nation, but smudging the otherwise impeccable image of a military that has granted them the right to do so. Truly a shame.

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Friday, June 24, 2005
I was curious and looked up the word "diarrhea" on a special reality-driven search engine I invented, and was pointed directly to Noam Chomsky's blog. Seriously, he has one (coincidentally, this blog gets more comments than Noam's). I will not advertise the address for that bum, so if you feel the need to have a hearty laugh, go search for yourself. Keep in mind, my dislike of Noam stems not from his work in the sciences, but rather from his warped sense of politics.

Contained within the blog was a lot of junk; literally. I thought that for a second that it may be a ScrappleFace type blog (which is a great site), or maybe that this was some failing grad student's last ditch effort, but then I realized that this guy is serious. I read a bit about Comrade Chomsky and was not surprised to find that he is in bed with communist Fidel Castro and embraces anarcho-syndicalism. That summed up quite a bit for me.

Replacing capitalism and the state with a new society democratically self-managed by workers? That combination spells disaster if you ask me. I have personally watched members of labor unions incessantly whine and bicker as to which one of them was going to bag my groceries, so I think that I will stick with capitalism and a free market for now thank you very much.

Comrade Chomsky is also a libertarian socialist which just backs up the disdain for capitalism and the state, as well as a social hierarchy. While I don't typically enjoy the company of the social elite, I recognize the undeniable fact that they must exist. What Noam may not realize, is that he supports a political ideology that thrives upon the very existence of a social hierarchy and thusly, the social elite. He is a fan of the abolishment of privately held means of production as well. I am willing to bet that his life is filled with goods that are the result of privately held means of production. Oh well, it sure is fashionable to oppose logic and progress these days.

Perhaps when you are not hating freedom and America in general, you can glance at a brilliant collection of words put together by the likes of F.A. Hayek (who's skills in cognitive sciences I would easily pit against yours), Milton Friedman, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton or James Madison. In the meantime Noam, being that you are a fan of linguistics and semantics, here is one for you: dummy.

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Conservative mayor wins Iranian presidential election.

The Mayor of Tehran has won the election. Touted as a hard-line conservative, some fear that Iran may return to the strict rules in effect before 1979 when Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was ousted and the ayatollah's came to power. I believe that Iran needs to get back into shape before Ayatollah Khomeini makes an irreparable mistake and the Iranian people have to suffer as a result. Along those lines, think about Iraq.

In the days of the Shah (think "king" or "emperor"), Iran was a pro-west, autocratic nation. Now, under the rule of Khomeini, well, you see the state of Iran today. The people are crying out to the world to deliver democracy. A 66% vote gave the election to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and I think that according to newly read information, Ahmadinejad is not the one to whip Iran into presentable shape. He has vowed to continue the nuclear program and calls it a 'peaceful' one. It is a front for building atomic weapons. He is blatantly a puppet for the ayatollah's. That is a shame and the Iranian people may have to save democracy for another day.

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Sorry kiddies Tom Cruise has gone off of the deep-end.

On the Today Show with Matt Lauer, Tom Cruise made a pretty big ass of himself. When confronted with the facts of Cruise's past criticisms of Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants, Cruise retorted with: "You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do." He further stated that Matt Lauer didn't know what he was talking about. Tom, just because you are now in an apparent need of psychiatric help does not make you any more knowledgeable about it than Matt Lauer.

"Matt, Matt, you don't even you're glib," Cruise responded. "You don't even know what Ritalin is. If you start talking about chemical imbalance, you have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories, Matt, OK. That's what I've done." I thought it was funny (and completely incorrect) when Cruise stated matter-of-factly that there was no such thing as a chemical imbalance.

Nevermind that glib is an adjective; if I was Katie Holmes' parents, I would be having second and third thoughts about this relationship. On the other hand, perhaps Cruise is making such a fool of himself because Katie Holmes is either a) currently ingesting ritalin, or b) has, in the past, been prescribed ritalin. This is speculation on my part, but could turn out to be true. On watching the show further, Cruise continued to make an idiot of himself and in doing so, is putting stress on his career. What I find odd, is that Tom fancies himself as an expert on all of these things, yet finds the enormous amounts of time required to make movies eh? You are suspect! For your apparent disregard of scientific fact (and aren't you a Scientologist?), you are now a prime candidate for the Pro Idiots page Tom Cruise! Congratulations.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Aricle by Bill Gertz of the Washington Times.

As a sort of primer in the event you choose not to read the article, Bill Gertz writes that US intelligence and security agencies are investigating reports of the Sudanese government renewing its covert support of the al Qaeda terror network along with other Islamic terrorists. Apparently in the last few weeks, there was an agreement made between the Islamist government in Khartoum and al Qaeda-linked terrorists and some other Muslim extremists.

Also according to the article, there are at least four al Qaeda training camps in Sudan. A fifth, located in Khartoum, is limited to Sudanese Islamists. Mr. Eric Reeves, a Sudanese specialist at Smith College (Northampton, Mass) said that if Khartoum is backing terrorists, it is probably because the government wants to warn the US and other western supporters of aid efforts in Darfur that Sudan is willing to turn the region into "another Iraq".

In an apparent attempt at a rebuttal, Ambassador Khidir Haroun Ahmed (Chief of Mission, Sudan Embassy, Washington) wrote in to the Times with the following:

"Your article "U.S. Probes reported Sudan link to terror" (Page 1, Friday) was a complete misrepresentation of reality. While I understand that some in the United States will go to any lengths to block Sudanese-U.S. cooperation in any area, including the war on terrorism, your report appeared to be looking for a problem where there is none.

For the record, al Qaeda does not have a base in Sudan, and my government is not cooperating with al Qaeda or any other terrorist organization regarding training, financing or other forms of material support. Our liaison in the area of intelligence has been complete and unqualified. We will continue to consult and cooperate fully with the United States and the international community to combat terrorism.

Your story was a rather transparent attempt to use rumors, biased and ill-informed sources and the emotionally charged issue of Darfur to undercut Sudanese-U.S. consulations and cooperation in an area of critical importance to both governments--the war against terrorism. Regardless, no amount of misreporting or misinformation will undercut the excellent lines of communication and cooperation that have been established over recent years."

The only problems that I have with this letter is the fact that if it is possible to have 2 million people displaced from a region due to the civil war and whatnot, is it really that inconceivable to think that there may be terrorists training in the country as well? What about the financing that is reaching the Darfur rebels from Israel via Eritrea? It is a tumultuous region due to lengthy wars, and also mentioned in the letter is the concern that the report was "looking for a problem where there is none" (but they have discovered no less than 5 training camps thus far), is the reporting really that far off base? I guess this guy is a Times reader.

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Actually, this is pretty funny.

If you have never had the chance to get over to ScrappleFace, please do so and read some of their news. Pretty comical yet possibly realistic at the same time. Anyhow, it will lift your spirits for the day.

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Hopefully this will pass.

Proponents of the amendment say that burning the flag 'disrespects America'. Yes, yes it does. Opponents say that it's a non-issue because flag burning incidents are so few and far between. Well now, that's quite possibly the most asinine logic that I've heard in a while. What they are saying is that it doesn't happen enough to care about. Ridiculous.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Way to fight the odds kid.

Brennan Hawkins has been found by volunteers after a grueling 4-day period of worry and grievance. I am glad that the kid is alright and beat the odds to live to tell the tale. Being only 11 years old, this kid will have quite the stories to tell...or will he?

Sheriff Dave Edmunds said the boy was "...in no mood to talk, that he was hungry, thirsty and wanted to see his mother". Nice work officer. Now how is young Hawkins supposed to tell stories with you telling the world he wants his mommy? For starters, Hawkins is a mountain man-esque name already, so he's got that going for him, and then he gets lost in the woods; which are where the stories begin. My ordeal would have gone a little like this (I spent some time in the Boy Scouts and am familiar with the process):

"...I took off my climbing gear to have more room to maneuver the 1,000 foot rock face I was about to tackle with my bare hands and feet. Once I was above 8,500 feet, I began to get a bit disoriented and thusly became lost and separated from my colleagues. Once I regained my composure, I made camp for the night. Using two sticks I created fire just as man had done for thousands of years before me. In the morning I trapped and consumed a squirrel, along with a side of wild-boar bacon. More curious than caring about where my original camp was, I pressed on into the barren wilderness to explore the vastness that is nature. By this time, nearly 3 days had passed and food was scarce. In my moments of desperation, I consumed slugs and drank lake water. Now I was bored with nature and decided to try and find my original camp again, only to be confronted by a 9-foot tall grizzly bear. Fearing for my life, I engaged in the most furious struggle of my young life. I will digress to the fact that grizzlies can wrestle quite well. Even in my weakened state, its strength was no match for mine and took flight when I removed one of his ears with my teeth. By the time the volunteers had found me, I was hot on the trail of my original camp. Lost? No. Curious? That's more like it. I was not in a mood to speak, agreed. I was not thirsty, nor hungry, for after my fight with the grizzly, my thirst was quenched by his blood and my hunger erased by his ear..."

Instead, the sheriff had to alleviate any chance of a winning story like that by stating the kid wanted his mommy. Oh well. On a serious note, at least he is safe now.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Former president William Clinton decided to add his comments (or was it add his comments for the other Mr. Clinton...I can't remember) in regards to the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. If you read the article, there is a portion where he states that American or British troops would be at much greater risk if they had a reputation for abusing people. I agree with this statement. In order to rectify the apparently negative reputation, a possible solution may be to have the media start reporting the truth vice 'poor detainee' tripe. Just like the media reporting US troops abusing the Qu'ran, instead of reporting the detainees themselves mistreating their beloved book beyond the scope of what the US troops may have done.

"It's time that there are no more stories coming out of there about people being abused." How true. That is something that should have been more closely monitored in the past. "Well, it either needs to be closed down or cleaned up," Clinton said.

Funny, though, how that exact statement can be applied to your zipper. You did your time, got a ride on Air Force One even after stealing everything you could from it, denied an extradition order for bin Laden three seperate times, criticized the current administration's ties with Saudi Royalty despite the fact that your library (that's right, the one that looks like a double-wide) was, in part, largely financed by Saudi Royalty, don't you think you've done enough?

I also find it ironic that the Saudi Royal Family has donated about 8 times the amount to Clinton's charities vice Bush's charities.

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Tom Cruise, in action.

An interesting quote made by the father of Scientology that was brought to my attention by Kris Avalon over at: Of Punk Rock and Politics. A burgeoning, well-written site; be sure to check it out.
"The only way you can control people is to lie to them. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them."
-Lafayette Ron Hubbard, 1952

4 individuals were filming a comedy show that targets celebrities for practical jokes at the British premier of "War of the Worlds". One of the individuals squirted Tom Cruise in the face with a water gun disguised as a microphone. Tom took the joke well at first, and then became incensed as his Scientology training took over.

Before going too much further, it is relevant to explain some background on the bogus cult er, religion that is Scientology. First and foremost, keep in mind that Hubbard was directly involved with Jack Parsons (occultist) in performing the occult rights invented by Aleister Crowley, a nutcase and occultist. Scientology was in fact invented by none other than L. Ron Hubbard, a fellow nutcase and science-fiction author in 1952. According to L. Ron, Scientology is a sub-study of Dianetics which he created in 1950. The main difference between Dianetics and Scientology is that the former is strictly secular whereas the latter focuses more on spiritual issues. The controversial 'Church' of Scientology offers itself as an alternative to psychiatry, which many of the Hollywood elitist set are so desperately in need of.

Apparently, there are many levels to this cult system. Sounds a lot like an MLM scheme to me. Hubbard had (died 1986) been heard saying among his circle of fellow science-fiction writers that the quickest way to get rich is to start a religion. Anyhow, Scientology claims that its members are 'thetans' or, immortal beings (read that as alien spirits). Once the upper echelons of the cult are reached (OT III) they are indoctrinated to 'Xenu' the evil intergalactic ruler (I am not making this up), who implanted 'thetans,' or alien spirits, in earth's volcanoes 75 million years ago, after which they escaped and invaded human bodies. The main belief of Scientology is that you are possessed by the spirits of aliens murdered 75 million years ago by "Xenu" and you have to exorcise these spirits (this taken from Wikipedia).

If you get the chance, take a look at this list of famous Scientologists. What I found particularly funny was Sharon Stone who once embraced Scientology, but has since converted to Buddhism. What was once considered fashionable in Hollywood (i.e. trading sexual partners like they were baseball cards) was given up on by even the dumber celebrities when they were faced with the reality that AIDS is, in fact, bad for you. Now, it's religion. Basically, what you are seeing is the Hollywood elitist set like what's fashionable and in-style at the moment. Trends rule the day in Hollywood, not common sense or independent thought. Tom Cruise is the de facto poster child of the cult of Scientology just as Madonna is the de facto poster child of Kabbalah. The celebrities can have the cult of Scientology as they have trouble thinking for themselves, and desperately need something to cling on to. Kabbalah, however, should be left alone except to those who are qualified to embrace it (read that as NOT the likes of Madonna and the fashionable liberal practices of Hollywood).

All told, the practical joke was perhaps a bit underhanded in my opinion, but overreacted to by someone that believes he is possessed by murdered alien spirits. "You're a jerk." offered Cruise in his moment of discontent. Good one dummy. Honestly Tom, do you think that you are really qualified to be toying with logic, sensibility and reality like that, given your 'religious' choice? What Would Xenu Do?

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Sunday, June 19, 2005
Sudanese reconciliation seems to be a step in the right direction. We'll see.

On Saturday, one of the largest opposition groups in the Sudan has signed a reconciliation agreement with the Sudanese government. What is hoped to be accomplished is an end to a brutal, bloody 16-year conflict and an end to the Darfur problem. The body count is at 2 million and rising. All human interests aside, this region has been in conflict for about 21 years now. Basically, the North represents the Muslim population. In the South, you have the rebels who are mostly Christians and animists.

Here is what I find a bit confusing: the Sudanese president, Omar el-Bashir, may end up being bed-buddies with Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. How this is going to be a problem that is solved with this accord is beyond me. You may also remember Anwar Sadat, who was murdered by Muslim extremists back in 1981. Well, his nephew, Talaat Sadat is running against the incumbent Mubarak. Sadat claims that Mubarak has ruined his uncle's legacy. Apparently not sharing his uncle's vision of peace with Israel, Talaat claims: "If I am elected ... never will an Israeli tank come right up to our border and shoot down our sons".

This has all the earmarks of a bad situation. Perhaps James can dry his eyes, dust off his How to Make Dictators Your Allies and Broker Useless Deals handbook and come up with another Nobel Prize.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005
Another one jumps on the 'Slam America' bandwagon.

Dick Durbin, along with his like-minded crony Howard Dean have made some rather disturbing comments about US soldiers. They do have the right to do so, but should keep in mind that most of their constituency consists primarily of a demographic that "...ain't so good with books an' such." I doubt that they read this blog, but would invite them to do so. I am interested in whether or not they (along with a few select other loud-mouthed creeps) know about what a mockery they are making of the Democrats and the associated party.

It's not necessarily the comments that disturb me. They are to be expected from the liberals, just like the old pie-in-the-face trick. What does get to me a bit though is their outdated stereotypes. You have one idiot comparing Gitmo and Abu Ghraib to a Soviet Gulag (spend much time in one, sucko?), and the other idiot comparing Gitmo's guards to Nazis. I am willing to bet that Dick has not had any contact with Nazis. Get with the times you crotchety bastards! Here is a free Democratic Party tip: choose something that is a)relevant and b)happened in the past 30 years. More people will identify with it that way. Hey, I would take you chuckleheads more seriously if you compared the guard's to Sadaams tortuous regime, or compared the prison complex that you are whining about to something Uday or Qusay had running.

It is truly a shame when you have one dolt claiming to have invented the internet and then not even bother telling his allies how to harness it's power. You have at least two codgers claiming inane and untrue statements about US troops, and you would think that it would be easy for them to take their chubby little digits and direct themselves to Google, or a website associated with recent history. I guess that using that kind of stuff would be a vindication of the current doctrine though. In that case, keep up the good work! Nader is steadily creeping up on your sorry asses and he hasn't even bought a new suit in 30 years. Have your pal Jimmy build you a retirement home. Dummies.

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Maybe, maybe not, you decide.

I think that a juror attending the celebration of the acquittal of the King of Pop may be a stretch. What this leads me to believe is that by accepting the invitation, this particular juror never had indifferent thoughts as to the trial in question. I am of the understanding that in order to be an effective juror (especially in a high-profile case), you should have feelings of neutrality and let the prosecution and defense do their job to help you see otherwise. What has happened here, in my opinion, shows incredibly poor taste by juror Pauline Coccoz. To those that doubted the gloved one's innocence anyway, this is nothing more than fuel for the fire.

How many would like to bet, along with me, that there is a book deal in the works right now, for Pauline? Any takers?

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Friday, June 17, 2005
Let the countdown begin.

It would appear as if Tom Cruise has proposed to Katie Holmes. He did it atop the Eiffel Tower in gay Paris. Perhaps due to the scientology aspect (which, oddly enough, Holmes is now embracing), the Eiffel Tower acts as a Beacon of Stupidity. I can see it now: "L. Ron Hubbard told me to propose at the most unoriginal place in the world...Niagara Falls was next on the list."

Don't get me wrong; I wish Katie the best of luck. She has admitted growing up with posters of Cruise on her wall and wanting to marry him. I don't wish Cruise the best of luck, as he has been there a few times before and can't seem to keep it together. Hopefully he won't destroy the young girl's life and make her convert to a hokey religion or anything in the process...oh, wait.

I will be interested in comments regarding how long this one will last. I am willing to bet no more than 2 years (if that) for this one.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
This deserting bastard needs to go.

After deserting his army unit over 40 years ago, this traitor has the audacity to come back to the United States (the very country he gave up on) to see his ailing nonagenarian mommy. I sincerely hope she slaps his face and tells him he's a coward.

What gets to me is the deserter was a sergeant. Someone of that caliber and rank is supposed to be a leader of men; what did this idiot teach them about self-sacrifice, or intestinal fortitude? That it's OK to give up and defect to a communist state? He even took part in propaganda films for the North Koreans. For his troubles (which apparently he regrets), he spent only 25 days in jail.

78-year-old Willie Ancarrow, a World War II veteran said the government should not even have allowed Jenkins' entry into the country. "He went over there on his own -- they should have left him over there on his own. ... He let the country down." Now, I don't know what this gentleman's capacity was in WWII, but he did his time without fleeing to Germany or Japan. June 22, 2005 marks the traitor's departure of this country...I only wish that I could see him off with a proper, one-finger salute. Dummy.


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Monday, June 13, 2005
Michael Jackson is not guilty. While I'm sure I'm going to be in the minority on this, especially among the people I speak with, I not only trust the verdict, but think it was the right decision.

Michael Jackson is, without a doubt, the strangest, sorriest, creature we have in our pop culture. For the past ten years, every story about him concerned itself with demonstrating how big of a weirdo freak he is. Dangling his kids off balconies, having overnights with pre-teen boys, giving them a mysterious Jesus Juice to drink, and paying settlements to family's to prevent child molestation charges to surface-- Jackson is living proof that the axiom "There is no such thing as bad press" is not, at all, a universal truth. However, its important to remember that while being labeled a weirdo freak does not make you guilty of anything, what it does make you is more prone to accusations of wrong doing.

I am glad that Jackson had his day in court and that these accusations were brought to judicial scrutiny. I am glad that we live in a country where a justice system, for all of its faults, refuses to accept popular opinion while holding a man's life in its hands. Now Michael Jackson can get on with, and hopefully find some bit of sanity, in his shattered, abnormal, creepy ass life.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005
With no particular reasoning behind this entry, but rather a random thought, I thought that I would offer up two immediate examples of how perception could possibly incite a misguided thought process. While watching TV this evening, I happened to notice two commercials in particular that I thought could be perceived in different ways.

First, I will make mention of a Cadillac commercial. Perhaps you have seen it, perhaps not. Take notice if you do and lend your input. I will begin by stating that the initial impression that I got was not to purchase a new Cadillac, but the idea of class warfare. The commercial begins with a man unloading blocks of obviously cold ice off of a beer-style truck. There are three new models of Cadillac's rolling up the street. The closer that the vehicles get, the more the ice melts. As the cars pass, the blocks of ice explode and a torrent of water erupts from the truck. Here is what I thought (which keep in mind is not necessarily what I believe, but what could be perceived by the burgeoning, influential strong-minded youth): the blue collar worker is a proletariat trying to make a living unloading ice for some company. The Cadillac's may represent the bourgeoisie type, as the Cadillac is not a cheap automobile and is typically purchased by the more afluent. Along with this example, is this what could be construed as the aristocrat stomping on the working man? An example of what society thinks of the blue collar worker?

Second, there was a commercial fronted by Samsung. In this commercial, a man ends up signing for a brand new 40" plasma screen TV as his neighbor is away on vacation or some such adventure. The man who signs for the TV cannot resist the temptation to open the box and makes the TV a permanent fixture in his house. Eventually, the neighbor returns and inquires as to whether or not the man signed for a TV. He denies the claim and enjoys the TV, further denying the neighbor of his property rights. Is Samsung promoting theft in this example?

Granted, these two examples may be far off base, and in fact, may be just shoddy ad executives trying to sell product. But the initial question remains; can these examples be perceived as the above analysis suggests? I am genuinely curious as to your comments on the matter!

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If you're one of the 3.5 billion people who have read Drudge in the past year, you probably know that when he has a siren on the top of his page, he's got big news. Maybe not earth-shattering political news, but at the least, scandalous as hell. His most recent siren story is no exception.

The headline? In great form, Matt Drudge comes up with this beauty:

If you hate the Clintons, this is going to be a very amusing month.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005
This is a promising step in ridding Iraq of democracy impared scumbags.

The US has eliminated 40+ people identified as insurgents at a fake roadblock near the Syrian border. The insurgents armed with AK-47s, machine guns and RPGs were soon put to rest as they set up the roadblock and checked civilian vehicles at gunpoint and were destroyed by US precision-guided missiles. I would not be surprised in the least to find out that Syria was acting wittingly as a base of operation for several insurgents. Keep an eye on this situation.

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In a recent television program called Faith Under Fire, the issue of Kabbalah was discussed. Two guests, Rabbi Yehuda Berg of the Hollywood Kabbalah Centre and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach squared off against one another on the issue.

Madonna is one of the most famous mainstream students of Kabbalah. Granted, Kabbalah is not limited to only persons of the Jewish faith, but as the program progressed, Rabbi Boteach made some valid points as to why Madonna and Rabbi Berg are promoting the wrong message. You have seen the whole red bracelet deal; it represents protection from the Evil Eye. It is supposed to make you humble, but Madonna and Berg have made it into a fashion statement.

Steeped in 4,000+ years of history, I am inclined to believe that Rabbi Boteach is correct in saying that there shouldn't be someone such as Madonna acting as a de facto poster child for an ancient religious system. It is promoting the wrong message and destroying the image of Kabbalah.

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A Man In The Arena is a gigantic cock bag of hypocrisy.

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Read this for a pure intravenous injection of inspiration. Then, if you haven't done your part yet, go here.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Turns out, suffocating your children with failed ideologies isn't such a good idea after all.

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Hey look at me!

Russell Crowe was apparently upset at an inanimate object and threw it at a concierge of the Manhattan hotel he was staying at, giving the man lacerations and the associated pain that comes with getting a telephone thrown at your nugget.

When reading the article, pay close attention to the blue box on the left-hand side explaining Crowe's previous run-ins. This guy is a typical, representative of leftist Hollywood. Because of his status, I am willing to bet that he will have some sort of special Hollywood immunity and shell out more cash to cover his temper.

Calm yourself, 30 Odd Foot of Stupid.


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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
This is repulsive, and I will attempt to explain why with the following limited assessment:

"We are living in a time when the other side doesn't want us to see the facts. Facts are inconvenient--facts about global warming, facts about mercury in the air, facts about people staying unemployed longer," blah, blah, blah.

I will go along with the initial assessment (and broad generalization of a certain 8-year period) to claim that her 'side' has also been quite devoid of facts. I didn't inhale, I didn't lie, I didn't get a mic check from someone in the Oval Office; the list goes on. I guess what all of this boils down to is that she is constituent-stumping for the preparation of a 2008 running.

It is nicely summed up here with this statement: "It's too bad that New York's senator is now taking her cues from someone who thinks personal attacks are a substitute for an agenda," RNC press secretary Tracey Schmitt said. This obviously in reference to Dean's comments. After picking a less than desirable candidate as an opponent in the 2004 race, the Democratic Party has resorted to mudslinging as a tactic to win the premier leadership position for the known universe. While not surprised, I am disappointed. At the same time, I am not worried because of the apparent, allowed self-destruction of the Party put forth by a few loud-mouthed characters.

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On Monday the Supreme Court ruled on Gonzales vs. Raich and dissapointedly, if not suprisingly, continued a tradition of allowing excessive federal government powers under the guise of the commerce clause.

Angel Raich and Diane Monson, two terminally ill patients, were allowed under California law to grow and smoke pot. The DEA arrested them because while California may allow medical marijuana, the Federal Government does not. The Supreme Court's 6-3 decision explains that under the commerce clause the Federal Government's arrests are valid. Because, you see, two people growing their own pot that they, and only they, smoke for medicinal reasons is commerce. And interstate commerce at that.

Of the 6 concurring with the opinion, there were two different arguments. The first, which 5 Justices suscribed to, is that medical marijuana, if allowed even in small scales, will eventually affect interstate commerce-- thereby allowing federal regulation now. The second argument, authored by Scalia, is that since the Government is allowed under the commerce clause to regulate marijuana, overriding the state perogative to allow medical marijuana is a natural, and legitmate, extension of that authority.

The dissenter's (Thomas, Rehnquist, and O'connor) argument was summed up nicely by Thomas:

"...If Congress can regulate (medical marijuana) under the commerce clause, then it can regulate virtually anything-- and the federal government is no longer one of limited and enumerated powers."

It isn't difficult to see the very frighenting potential of this ruling. Art work is bought and sold by various collectors in different states. Under the commerce clause, this opens the door to Federal regualtion. When a child then paints a picture and gives it to her mother that painting, using the case law established in Gonzales vs. Raich, is also subject to Federal regulation.

There is no longer a transaction made, or an item used, that is safe from Federal regulation. Once again, the Supreme Court has made America less free.

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Congratulations to ICE and FBI for doing a good job.

FBI just put the Habius Grabbus on two more terrorist scumbags in relation to their connection with al-Qaeda. Also in Lodi, California ICE just detained two people for violation of visa terms. These two just so happened to both be imams at their local Islamic Cultural Centers. I smell a front.

They stated: "We are a peace-loving people; we have never done anything to violate the laws of the United States," a fellow Islamic leader, Taj Khan, told reporters in Lodi. "We love this country as much as anyone else."

Listen chumps; you are not the spokesmen for the entire nation, and you have done something to violate the laws of the United States! The camp that you attended and were trained to attack supermarkets and kill Americans? Remember that? That is a crime! What is more of a crime is you allowed to have lived in this country at all. What's worse is that you specifically requested to come to America to carry out your sorry-ass jihad. If you requested to come here to do that, then you really don't "...love this country as much as anyone else." You are a liar and deserve a long sentence. No virgins for you morons!

How about the legitimate imams quit allowing these corrupt individuals to discredit the 'peaceful' religion and people? I am not the one that should have to even be suggesting this, it would seem to me that if you wanted to promote a religion (which is obviously very influential), you would want to weed out the extremist portion of the equation to have your religion be taken as it is supposed to be. As it stands, the religion is mostly identified as being associated with terrorism. These select individuals are giving an entire 'nation' a bad name.

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Way to support your country by defending a defunct, terrorist supporting organization.

I will admit that James may have been good at humanitarian work on some level, but I am not sure when. I think the accepting of the Nobel Peace Prize was a sham. Maybe it was appeasement at work. Let's examine some historical follies: the way that Iran was handled in effect, advanced radical Islam. In 1994 he brokered a deal in relation to nuclear arms with Korea; look where we are now (and coincidently has a lot to do with the aforementioned Nobel Prize). Foreign dictators became allies, he asked his daughter to give input on some presidential matters for God sakes. I think he is bitter that he didn't get a seat on Air Force One for a trip to Rome. Not arguably one of the worst former presidents ever, all I can say is: thanks James; your antics and ineptitude made Reagan that much more of a great president (not that he actually needed your help at all). The only reason that James gets invited anywhere is from a combination of pity and appeasement.

As best said by a good friend of mine: "Stick to building houses, you abject failure."

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Monday, June 06, 2005
It seems as if Amnesty International has come up with a new, but not surprising low; Bob Lazar style.

William Schulz has come up with a new theory that the US has a string of 'secret' prisons that are used for torturing and killing the inmate population. This is just a feeble attempt at diverting attention from the already corrupt organization. They have already made unjust accusations of the US by citing the entire country as running 'the gulag of our times' referring to the Gitmo Detention Facility.

Here is another interesting article that defends my suspicions of the 'human rights' organization: Amnesty International supports terrorists.

Let me pose this question Herr Schulz: why would the US bother with an alleged 'archipelago' of secret bases that's sole intent is to torture and kill prisoners, when it could be just as easy, if not easier, to not detain them at all, but instead kill all of them in the name of collateral damage? I mean, after all, there is a war going on! Yes, there was sarcasm intended in the question.

My take on the situation is that you are a saucer nut who locks up his tapioca pudding in a vacuum sealed can. You are suspect! Find something better to do with your time; something you may be good at. Try paper mache, or telling the truth! I will settle for this: try creating a story that is not steeped in jealousy or waiting for the 'mother ship' to sweep you up. Dummy.

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Saturday, June 04, 2005
These two alleged gentlemen are definitely deserving of a hug. In one case, it is necessary because that's what the country's army has been doing to adversaries for decades, and in the other, just because the guy likes hugging dudes. You figure it out.

Retreat! Retreat!

With the EU constitution losing valuable ground, Schroeder and Chirac would seem to be stumping for some support. It is important to these two (at least) to disprove the vindication of the Bush doctrine that has proved successful thus far while still vehemently opposing the US actions in Iraq. I don't think that will happen.

"C'mon, we really just want to better Europe...we're not trying to compete with the US, honest!"


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Friday, June 03, 2005
Legalize drugs now. Milton Friedman says so. Bring it on Minus.

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Unless you are performing open heart surgery in 5 minutes, drop what you're doing and read this now.

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Most Americans are embarrassed by this type of behavior. Soldiers urinating on the Koran, defacing the Koran, throwing water balloons on prisoners...its unproffesional behavior that Americans are rightly unwilling to tolerate from their soldiers.

Which only demonstrates the honor of our nation-- that this is the worst behavior we have seen. Not mass murder and torture of prisoners, but petty humiliations. While innapropriate, doesn't this say something positive of our nation, and our nation's army, that this is what we get worked up about now?

How many millions died in Soviet and German prison camps? In Libya they use rape as an interrogation method. The Islamo-fascists think crashing passenger jets into civilian business towers is an acceptable method of warfare. The English make their prisoners eat English food for Christ's sake.

Its been said countless times before: rarely, if ever, in the history of the world, has an army been more benign to its prisoners and enemies than the American army. Stories such as the one linked above only further demonstrate this. Afterall, if we were actually torturing prisoners, would the mishandling of a goddamn book ever make headlines?

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Protein Wisdom has some very astute thoughts on the, as Goldstein calls him, "nannystatist fucktard" John McCain:

Now, how is all this possible, you ask? Because John McCain knows what's best for you. He's a maverick who bucks the system, infuriating partisans on both sides of the political divide (as he'll be the first to tell you). And he'll be damned if he won't use the Senate to remake the world in his image--and nothing non-maverick (like, say, the will of the voters, the separation of powers, or the Constitution itself) will stand in the way of this hard-charging, tough-talking populist.

Or as I'm inclined to call him, "nannystatist fucktard." Because face it: this guy is Bill O'Reilly with a tan.

Whole thing here.

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It would seem that one Natalee Holloway has gone missing from her senior class trip to Aruba. That's right: Aruba. Holloway was apparently last seen at approximately 1am at the 'restaraunt' Carlos 'N Charlie's. It is described as a popular restaurant and dance spot where tourists and locals meet. Right.

In the next paragraph of the article, the restaraunt is now being described as what it really is: a nightclub. Holloway's friends apparently saw her getting into a car with a resident who claimed he was a foreign exchange student. Sounds suspiciously like Natalee went to Aruba on a senior class trip; only to hook up with some random dude, who wasn't who he said he was, at a nightclub.

The family spokeswoman Marcia Twitty claims that Natalee is a well-traveled teenager having traveled to far off places like Europe and Canada. She apparently has not picked up any street savvy (or a certain level of common sense) from either her parents or her travels (which I am guessing are not all that extensive, but in fact, are in a very controlled environment) as she still fell for the 'I am a foreign exchange student' bit. Combining naivety with alcohol is a dangerous 'vacation'.

Without trying to speculate as to what happened, as I cannot say with any certainty, Natalee seems to have fallen victim to a classic line. Also according to Marcia Twitty, Natalee would not get into a car with strangers. Well now, it would seem that she did, in fact, get into a car with a stranger. Now she is gone. Wake up parents! Pray that your daughter is living and unharmed. Just because you trust your kid to go globe trotting does not mean that someone won't prey on that very trust to get what they want.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005
The people have spoken and the vote is clear: "NO".

The Dutch people have also voted no to a European Union constitution. The constitution is designed to streamline the process of decision making, strengthen the economy and give Europe one unified voice on foreign affairs. As it turns out, only 9 of the 25 members required like the idea.

This is good news for the United States in the sense that the proposed EU constitution as written, would effectively allow the EU to become as powerful politically as the sole superpower; the United States. For now, the people of the EU have decided not to do so and let the world continue to help them make their decisions while, for the most part, they remain an important trading entity and an economic powerhouse.

Here is one of the best quotes of the ordeal made by sheep farmer Jose Bove: "200 years after the (French revolution's storming of the) Bastille, the people of the left today are going to wreck this constitution!" Economically speaking, the all mighty dollar's stock has risen. Thanks Europe!


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Here is a look at something that could be a step in the right direction for peace in the Middle East.

There is also a flipside to this coin: as part of the process, thousands of Jewish settlers who now have homes in the Gaza Strip are being removed. They still have no idea, for the most part, as to where they are going to go. This could prove more trouble than is anticipated. Keep an eye on this one, as the theory of appeasement has rarely, if ever, held true in my eyes.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
This has got to be a joke. Oddly enough (or not), this too takes place in Florida.

Pamela Grunow is trying to win a suit filed against Valor Corporation, a manufacturer of the supposedly infamous handgun the Valor Raven, because one was used to kill her husband. Here is a link to the actual legal documents in case you are interested beyond the scope of this entry. Be warned; the documents come with a $19.95 price tag. I honestly don't know if they are worth that or not, but would suspect that they are not unless you are a burgeoning lawyer.

The Widow Grunow is holding the company personally responsible for her husband's death. That is wrong because of the fact that their product, when used for their intended purposes, has no chance of harming people. That is to say that if you see their handgun lying on a table it is not going to go off by virtue of you being in the room. It will not go off if you look at it the wrong way, stare at it, take a picture of it, walk away from it, and tell it that you cannot speak to two girls in your class, but a certain user by the name of Nathaniel Brazill definitely can, and that is the issue here.

Apparently, on the last day of school, Brazill was sent home because he was throwing water balloons. He was also told by Mr. Grunow that he could not speak to two girls in his class. This made Brazill mad I guess, and he returned with the .25 caliber handgun and shot the teacher. Brazill is now serving a 28 year sentence.

While a shame, I see no reason as to why compensation should be granted. I see putting the blame on the user and the owner of the firearm, but not the manufacturer. Shouldn't the handgun have been locked up somewhere safe, as to not give access to young Brazill? I think the answer is plainly obvious to that question. Neither the handgun nor the bullets contained therein had any intent of shooting Mr. Grunow, I assure you. As a matter of fact, inanimate objects have no feelings at all! If I bludgeon Nemesis to death with a stapler one day at the office, should Swingline be held responsible? I think not.

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Why can Florida not stay out of the A/V room? This story and associated video was from MSNBC and is worthy of a watch.

Here is my take on the situation, and it is twofold: first and foremost, teach your kids to respect authority on some level. What is in the video is an example of blatant disrespect, which admittedly can be healthy at times, but not in association with a driver concerned for safety issues. Second, I will agree with Albert Taylor calling for a deputy, but not putting his hands on the kids.

Let's face some facts here; at one point or another we have all ridden the bus to school. It is a lawless frontier that is rarely dealt with on the level necessary. Legalities aside, the boys got what the parents should be delivering at home. The two kids are getting felony charges, while the driver (a school official), is receiving a misdemeanor. The mother, Sheri, mentions that her boys (angels?), are not allowed to go anywhere, whereas Taylor, 66, and kicked their ass "...can go out to dinner with his parents or whatever..." Guess what lady, he is 66 and more than likely has been around the block a time or two, that aside, he is 66! I am not so sure I would be concerned with whom he goes to dinner with, but on how your kids act while you are not around.

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New Guy Ritchie trailer. And Madonna is nowhere to be seen.

Link via The Superficial

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Here is some more promising news from the front lines of the war in Iraq: the US has captured a former Sadaam regime spy.

While the US has captured this scumbag, there was another suicide bomber who attacked a checkpoint. Unfortunately, 7 Iraqis trying to do the right thing were injured. This leads me to believe that the insurgents are scared. I say this because this whole suicide gig is weak. I suspect that this whole 72 virgins and paradise ploy is a recruiting tool for morons in the sense that in order to achieve that, you have to get to Heaven. I have further suspicions that they are going nowhere near there.

Here is something to chew on: according to Islam, fighting non-believers is a way to get to heaven (paradise) and get your prize (72 virgins). The number 72 virgins is not specified in the Qur'an, but taken from a quotation made by Muhammad in a lesser known Hadith (a Hadith meaning tradition in Arabic and being a collection of a person's deeds and sayings). That being said, have a look at who the insurgents are concentrating their attacks on: the Iraqis. They are most certainly believers! They believe in freedom and democracy as well as the Qur'an. The people who did not believe were in fact the oppressive regime of Sadaam Hussein. Did the insurgents ever rise up against that office? No. Too scared.

If the insurgents wanted only to fight for their country, then join the people who are doing it (new Iraqi army/police force)! Nope, to scared. How about seeking political means to accomplish what you want to? Nope, to inept and scared; I think that I will just end it all. Fools, there is no prize for you.

On a lighter note, the US has captured a former spy of the Sadaam Hussein regime. This scumbag may also have been financing terrorist groups in the Ghazaliyah district of Baghdad. That is good that these types of financiers are coming to justice. Come to find out, this guy may also be the one responsible for filming the attacks on coalition troops and then posting them on the internet.

Couldn't make it as a spy, too scared to do the right thing and defend his own country against people like himself, tried to buy his friends and finance their idiotic activities and then decides to moonlight as a cameraman. What a loser.

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Check out this gem. Within the article, it is asked: How heroic was Deep Throat?

Well, that would depend: do you consider Earl Pitts, Robert Hanssen, Katrina Leung or JJ Smith heroic? What's the matter? Because it was domestic spying from within the FBI it's OK? Wrong answer. Don't mistake the purpose of this entry; I don't agree with what Nixon did, and I especially don't agree with spying on the United States. Felt apparently felt as if he was acting for moral and patriotic reasons; so did Benedict Arnold. Could it be that Felt was disgruntled because Nixon passed him over as Director of the FBI? Gee scooter, sounds like a motive to me.

There is nothing patriotic about leaking sensitive information to anyone, especially the media. There are certain ways to go about resolving a situation like that, but most certainly not in the way handled by Felt. There are entire agencies in place for that purpose! Why skirt all the agencies, say to Hell with your secrecy affirmation and leak information to the media of all people?!

Heroic my a...hey, wait! Felt family, I have a bridge to sell you!

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