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Friday, April 27, 2007
And by flies, I am referring to the ones buzzing around Sheryl Crow's dirty, hippy ass.

Liberal figurines taking a populist stance is anything but new, but this one smells of shit. Crow was on a "stop global warming" music tour (how? by buying tickets to your show?) and had written a couple of blog posts about her solution to curbing global warming. Before I will list a link to her solution to doing her part (and suggesting others follow suit) I will say that this particular liberal croaker pulled a John Kerry and in true liberal style said: "it was a joke!" Nice try dummy. If indeed you are so sincere about global warming and solving it, what better way to do so than make a mockery of it right? Joke my ass you smelly piece of shit.

Now, here is a couple of links. One is from the Huffington Post (I think I just threw up...but what better way to get the moonbat news that visit the hive). Others run rampant on the Internet at this point and I think it is pretty funny that the dimwit is claiming it as a joke all of a sudden. I think that it may be safe to say why it didn't work out between Crow and Armstrong; Crow smells like shit-mist. At least Armstrong got a nice convertible out of the deal. I say that's win number 7.

At any rate, Crow's idea of curbing global warming? Using one square of toilet paper. Not kidding. This hippy is a retard; do you know the damage I alone could do to one square? I am sure even fellow hippies and global warming pundits saw right thorough this "Oops, I really should stick to singing and not real issues" nonsense. The answer? Call it a joke, you know kind of like your career after this? In addition to this hippy crap is the dinner where she acted like a liberal moonbat clone to Karl Rove. No wonder that she got the reaction she did...had she approached it like she had some sort of solution and wasn't just bitching and crying about it then perhaps the conversation would have been different. Instead, Rove and I am sure many others faced with morons like Crow were sure to be thinking: "let the adults talk, OK?"

Stick to what you know Crow, music. That's it.


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Sunday, April 22, 2007
This is ridiculous!

In this article Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton said that if elected President, husband Bill would be "a roaming ambassador to the world, using his skills to repair the nation's tattered image abroad". Laughing out loud. What skills does Bill have that could repair a tattered nation's image abroad (and that is if such an image even exists)?
"Never mind the fundamentals like marriage Mr. Minister, I am going to teach you how to cheat on your wife and a little something called wag the dog!"
I'm so sure. If anything just to keep that from happening, Hillary won't get elected President. Nice move.

Says Hillary: "I can't think of a better cheerleader for America than Bill Clinton, can you?"

Well, yes actually I can. I think that given the circumstances Monica Lewinsky would make a better cheerleader for America. Clinton and her new found populist stance (becoming increasingly prevalent in the Democratic party) make me sick. Clinton and his/her cronies are all about appeasing the populace and shouldn't be leaders of the free world. Start your decision making process early and unclutter it by taking the Clinton's off of your wish list America. We can do just fine without them running things.


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Saturday, April 21, 2007
This was a shame. Not so much a shame that I have to keep hearing about it and read simile after simile, metaphor after metaphor or comparison after comparison, likening this incident to Columbine or the OKC bombing. Oh! It was around the same time period so it must be related. Wait, wasn't Hitler born on 20 April 1889? That must be it! Wait, maybe it was related to Bari falling to Robert Guiscard, ending Byzantine rule in Italy in 1071 and Cho was pissed about it?

The point is the media has done a bang up job of hyping up a psycho going on a rampage. Is it really outside the realm of possibility that this kid was just a demented asshole? No. What's all the gun control nonsense coming out of this? Who were called about this to respond to the shooting? Oh yeah, the Police; they have guns. Why didn't anyone call a zookeeper or perhaps a librarian to quell the chaos? Guns are the answer. People hate them so bad, right up until they need one. What would gun control legislation have done in this particular case anyhow? Didn't the whacko get his guns LEGALLY? Oh, it actually being legal must be the problem here. Now there will be a push for intense mental screening before an individual may purchase a gun. Point is there will always be one that gets through. Don't Orwell my country because some idiot shot up a mall, school or post office.

This is why the media should produce the facts as given by the school officials, eye witnesses, police and EMS personnel. Everything else is speculation. Shine those idiots on Fox News getting interviewed because they knew Cho back in 1996. "He was quiet". Really? Now everyone that is "quiet" is a mindless killer? Facts people, facts. Keep your guessing to yourself it doesn't do society any good.

There is no doubt that this kid was a psycho. I am wondering a bit though about the creative writing professor (Roy) who had to personally tutor this kid and even brought his violent writings to light of officials. Did they listen or didn't they? Don't know yet, but it will be interesting to find out.

The media has turned this into a circus. Why were the victims not celebrated in life as they are now in death? I don't care or want to hear about their biographies and how much they liked to study or ride horses. If that is what the media is all about, then hit the bricks and feature a student every week (living) on your programs. These people are no more important now than when they were alive. A psycho murdered them. Let the families honor them in their own ways along with friends and loved ones; media: piss off.

"Oh Minus, that's so heartless". You know what? I feel for the families and friends of the victims, but I don't feel sorry for the guy that went to high school and "saw him a couple of times in the hall" or lived in the same community as him. I don't feel sorry for the dummy that was in Virginia at the time of the shootings and somehow thinks they are suffering from mental anguish now. I don't feel sorry for the idiot who is able to speculate on national TV that "Cho was a quiet one", really professor? Keep it to yourself.

And in all honesty, I feel sorry that the families and friends of the murdered have to go through this...no it shouldn't have happened, but it did.


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You have all no doubt read about the Don Imus being a racist bit. Well, I haven't given in my two cents worth so here it is.

I think that Imus is getting a bum rap. If you decide that makes me a racist, well then you had better take your ignorant ass and jump off of a cliff for all I care. Your PC bullshit is out of control and insane.

I was going to go through and post plenty of links to da nappy this and da nappy that. You know what? It isn't worth my time (or yours for that matter) to do so because it is so abundant. It is part of culture. If for one second you think that African-American culture isn't American culture then you can jump off of said cliff as well. I think that when actual racists such as Sharpton bitch and moan about how awful this is, he should focus on the "rap artists" that objectify nearly everything about women, sex, drugs and gang-bangin' yo. Those calling Imus a biggot and racist are certainly in need not only of a reality check, but a quick look in the mirror. Call whitey a racist because you can; yeah.

While what I wouldn't have called the Rutgers b-ball team nappy headed hos, I don't think that it is deserving of the attention it is getting. Imus called someone a name...look out! Oh, but wait, apparently skin color does matter to some. Pfft. Grow up and get real. Pop culture is filth and PC is pop culture; get on with YOUR life.


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This concludes my elongated test of whether or not my blog would take over my writing in any absence. It did not work and looks as if I will have to manually enter text to get it out to the masses.


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