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Sunday, March 23, 2008
It is no secret that extremist environmentalists would like to live in some form of weird Utopia. Aside from the fact that it just isn't going to happen, they are some pretty cocky idiots. Take for example the fact that they will get mad at Paris Hilton for logging 20,000 miles in just 12 days. I have done it in just under 6.

What's more is these idiots will jump on someone for increasing their carbon footprint (whatever the hell that is) but they won't decry the actions of the eco-terrorists that just burned down a bunch of houses in/near Seattle. Makes a lot of sense, right? No. They are morons. If you buy into the selling/trading of carbon credits you are a moron. Seriously, do you live in Waterworld? I am going to start coming up with something lame and fake like Global Warming and then try to make money off of the saps who buy into it too.

My gig is going to be that since the Chinese are invading Tibet (wonder why the libs are all over this like stink on shit...but aren't on IZ or AF anymore...weird), we should boycott Bok Choy. Every time you eat a piece of Bok Choy the Chicom wins. It is a well-known fact that the more you increase your Bok Choy footprint that the Chicom wins and or buys more of our copper. That being said, those who don't eat Bok Choy will be given Bok Choy credits to buy a non-communist snack. Whee, this is fun.

Along with the lame-ass extremist environmentalists story about Paris Hilton and her boyfriend of the day was this photograph:

Good Charlotte with Whore

Nevermind that Benji and Paris are jet setting around the globe, why the hell do you have your 194 year-old uncle moving your luggage, slick? Minus 14 Bok Choy credits for you.


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