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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
I am not sure if you watch The History Channel's "Top Shot" program or not, but it is pretty good. This show pits marksmen against one another and themselves to narrow down a competent field. In the end, the winner gets $100,000 USD and whatever prizes that they have collected along the way.

There is one "competitor" on the show that is an absolute bitch. His name is Jake Zweig and claims to be a former Navy Seal. Having spent any decent time around the community will instantly get the proverbial hackles up about this claim. This Zweig character is a loud-mouthed crybaby that is a quitter. As a matter of fact, on the latest episode of Top Shot, he did quit. While everyone is glad, there is more to the story.

As it turns out, Jake Zweig also quit the Navy Seal program citing racism or some lame ass excuse. Funny, he claimed the same thing while attending the Naval Academy. The end result is that I am glad that he left the show. Jake Zweig is not that great of a shooter to begin with...he spends a lot of time talking and not enough listening.

Jake quit the show because he is a crybaby and not a good shooter. Jake quit the Navy Seals because he is a crybaby and couldn't hack it. That is not to say that he doesn't get props for completing BUDS, but despite that...he is still a whiny bitch. Piss right off you crybaby, whining sore loser. You Jake, are a piece of shit.


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