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Saturday, June 11, 2005
In a recent television program called Faith Under Fire, the issue of Kabbalah was discussed. Two guests, Rabbi Yehuda Berg of the Hollywood Kabbalah Centre and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach squared off against one another on the issue.

Madonna is one of the most famous mainstream students of Kabbalah. Granted, Kabbalah is not limited to only persons of the Jewish faith, but as the program progressed, Rabbi Boteach made some valid points as to why Madonna and Rabbi Berg are promoting the wrong message. You have seen the whole red bracelet deal; it represents protection from the Evil Eye. It is supposed to make you humble, but Madonna and Berg have made it into a fashion statement.

Steeped in 4,000+ years of history, I am inclined to believe that Rabbi Boteach is correct in saying that there shouldn't be someone such as Madonna acting as a de facto poster child for an ancient religious system. It is promoting the wrong message and destroying the image of Kabbalah.

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