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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
If you enjoy having things like property rights and want a relatively non-intrusive way of telling the government so, here are a couple of options that may interest you.

1. If you live in the New London area, you could go to this rally.

2. A petition to send to your governor here.

3. Good Eminent Domain roundup here.

Or you could just troll the internet for animal porn and wait for the government to build a Cosco over your house. Your call.


I just sent this e-mail to Governor Ehrlich, the governor of Maryland. Feel free to borrow/steal it to send to yours. Also, feel free to post in comments any similiar letters sent to your respective politicians.

Governor Ehrlich,

The recent Kelo v. New London ruling by the Supreme Court has moved me to write to your office. I, along with a number of your constituents, are frankly frightened by some recent uses of Eminent Domain. Sir, your office could use this opportunity to ensure the citizens of Maryland that in this state property rights are respected, and that you will not allow the government to run roughshod over a cherished American institution-- the respected right of personal property. Not only would such an assurance be just, but it would be politically beneficial as well.

Please, take a moment to review the following pledge. Any public statement affirming the sentiments of this pledge would be very welcome by a great number of your fellow citizens. Thank you for your time sir.

"I pledge to the citizens of Maryland that I will:
Oppose efforts by my state government or municipalities within my state to use the government power of eminent domain for private development.
Support legislation and other efforts to ensure that the citizens of this state are safe from eminent domain for private development."


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