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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Check out this gem. Within the article, it is asked: How heroic was Deep Throat?

Well, that would depend: do you consider Earl Pitts, Robert Hanssen, Katrina Leung or JJ Smith heroic? What's the matter? Because it was domestic spying from within the FBI it's OK? Wrong answer. Don't mistake the purpose of this entry; I don't agree with what Nixon did, and I especially don't agree with spying on the United States. Felt apparently felt as if he was acting for moral and patriotic reasons; so did Benedict Arnold. Could it be that Felt was disgruntled because Nixon passed him over as Director of the FBI? Gee scooter, sounds like a motive to me.

There is nothing patriotic about leaking sensitive information to anyone, especially the media. There are certain ways to go about resolving a situation like that, but most certainly not in the way handled by Felt. There are entire agencies in place for that purpose! Why skirt all the agencies, say to Hell with your secrecy affirmation and leak information to the media of all people?!

Heroic my a...hey, wait! Felt family, I have a bridge to sell you!

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