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Friday, June 24, 2005
I was curious and looked up the word "diarrhea" on a special reality-driven search engine I invented, and was pointed directly to Noam Chomsky's blog. Seriously, he has one (coincidentally, this blog gets more comments than Noam's). I will not advertise the address for that bum, so if you feel the need to have a hearty laugh, go search for yourself. Keep in mind, my dislike of Noam stems not from his work in the sciences, but rather from his warped sense of politics.

Contained within the blog was a lot of junk; literally. I thought that for a second that it may be a ScrappleFace type blog (which is a great site), or maybe that this was some failing grad student's last ditch effort, but then I realized that this guy is serious. I read a bit about Comrade Chomsky and was not surprised to find that he is in bed with communist Fidel Castro and embraces anarcho-syndicalism. That summed up quite a bit for me.

Replacing capitalism and the state with a new society democratically self-managed by workers? That combination spells disaster if you ask me. I have personally watched members of labor unions incessantly whine and bicker as to which one of them was going to bag my groceries, so I think that I will stick with capitalism and a free market for now thank you very much.

Comrade Chomsky is also a libertarian socialist which just backs up the disdain for capitalism and the state, as well as a social hierarchy. While I don't typically enjoy the company of the social elite, I recognize the undeniable fact that they must exist. What Noam may not realize, is that he supports a political ideology that thrives upon the very existence of a social hierarchy and thusly, the social elite. He is a fan of the abolishment of privately held means of production as well. I am willing to bet that his life is filled with goods that are the result of privately held means of production. Oh well, it sure is fashionable to oppose logic and progress these days.

Perhaps when you are not hating freedom and America in general, you can glance at a brilliant collection of words put together by the likes of F.A. Hayek (who's skills in cognitive sciences I would easily pit against yours), Milton Friedman, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton or James Madison. In the meantime Noam, being that you are a fan of linguistics and semantics, here is one for you: dummy.

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