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Saturday, May 28, 2005
Crackpot conspiracist, generally shitty filmaker and now, a dope addled drunk driver. Whats there not to like about Oliver Stone?

Laugh. Rehabilitation obviously did wonders for this tool.

This guy may deserve some credit for receiving the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart from Vietnam, but here is a list of some not-so-credible events:

Superdrunk has been married twice before, with two sons. He was arrested in Mexico for possession of marijuana when he was 21 and also arrested for drunk driving and possession of hashish in 1999. He speaks French fluently (herein may lie the root of the problems). He says he got off his cocaine habit while writing Scarface in Paris.

Hey Ollie, take your Bolivian Marching Powder, shove it up your ass and then think what a great image you must be creating for your children (yeah, even the illegitimate one). Dirtbag.

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