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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Some controversy surrounding a NY Times book review:

(Author Winston Groom) feels the review is a typical Times attack on anyone who stands up for America, including a much-praised historian who happens to believe his country was in the right in World War II.

But that could only be true if the New York Times has shown itself to let its sophisticated anti-American views influence what should be its non-partisan reporting. That just can't be.

Groom added, "Obviously the lady did not read the book carefully, since she neglects to mention that the book does not cover only the Pacific Theater; ­ there is also the Battle of the Atlantic, the North Africa landings, a survey of the Russian campaign and the American home front.

"I guess Ms. Cohen is just too 'sophisticated,' as she implies of herself, to see that."

Patricia Cohen sounds embittered that someone possesses a sense of national pride. Closet feminists are a joke.

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