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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
With increasing tension over prison scandals, this piece is no surprise. What is even more 'not' surprising is the fact the media has ignored, in large part, the Qur'an being mishandled by detainees themselves.

All told, there are 13 allegations and subsequent investigations into the mishandling of the Qur'an by US troops. Out of the original 13, five have come into light. When I think of the alleged mishandling of the book, I think of flushing it down the toilet as was suggested by a detainee. Well, apparently, the detainee in question never even saw a mishandling of the Qur'an, let alone someone flushing it. The five 'mishandlings' come in the form of placing two Qur'an on top of a television, standing over a Qur'an while interrogating someone, etc.

The US troops perhaps have been indoctrinated into what the Qur'an is and that they shouldn't mistreat the book. It seems to me, that in the course of their duties, US troops may have come into contact with the book. So what. What bothers me the most is that the media has blown it up to make the troops look bad, again. How often are you hearing of the 15 confirmed cases of the detainees mistreating their own book? Not a lot. Allegedly, one detainee has even gone so far as to tear pages from this 'oh so important' book.

Hunger strike all you want to Hadji. In the meantime, can you recommend any good toilet reading? I can.

Have you ever tried to flush a book down the toilet? I couldn't even get my Trailer Trash Girlz II down there the time my wife walked in on me. And thats just a 30 page magazine filled with beautiful, beautiful, trailer trash girlz.
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