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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Okay, lies at the NY Times...fine. Shabby journalism at the AP, CNN, CBS...ho, hum. But not E! Online! The last bastion of respectable journalism has, I'm afraid, fallen.

You should take some time to read the rest of that guy's site.

Cheap amateur writers if you ask me. Call them a poopoo face and be done with it.
Respectable journalism has been an oxymoron for a while now, in my eyes.
Evil, I completely agree with you about "respectable journalism." Its akin to "honest politician" or "not-redneck Britney Spears."

Chump, as bizarro world as it is, entertainment tabloids are among the few mainstream news sources that have any accountability to the truth. Take the Jessica Simpson case, for example. E! published an untrue story. It was immediately retracted, E!, under no uncertain terms, made clear they were wrong and the story false.

Actions like these are not taken by "credible" news rags-- as witnessed in the latest Newsweek debacle; where all avenues must be thoroughly exausted before admitting the paper was wrong.

Its unfortunate that in their haste to break what, to people who follow the lives of celebrities, was major news, E! misrepresented the facts. But I still have a lot more faith in its ability to report the truth than I do with most mainstream papers.
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