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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
McCain has one of, if not the, coolest, and honorable, backgrounds and personalities of anybody in national politics. After all, how can you not like the person who came up with this:

In June (1998), McCain broke the "Chelsea rule" at a Republican Party Fund-raiser. The reason Chelsea Clinton is ugly, according to McCain, is because Janet Reno is her father.

His record for the past 10 years, however, has been dismal. Tobacco taxes and fines, closing the first admendment "loophole", now telling citizens that they are to be subjected to mandatory medical examinations...just because-- McCain has been on the wrong side of them all.

Reason magazine did a terrific profile of McCain in '99 thats worth a look here.

I find the Chelsea Rule hilarious.

McCain paid his dues, spending 5.5 years in the Hoa Lo prison system (Hanoi Hilton). He could have received an early out, but that was against the Code of Conduct, and obviously his ethics as well.

Knucks of Respect to John McCain: keep bustin' pork dawg.

Without a doubt McCain paid his dues. Like I said, the guy has an honorable past beyond question. I'll give him the knucks for time served.


the dude isn't busting pork. He's been on a campaign to increase the scope of government for the past 10 years. Ever hear the saying "you can judge a man by his friends?" Well, McCain has a lot of friends among "moderate" Democrats, the New York Times, the rest of the mainstream media, and so-called independents. To them he's doing something right-- which to me means he's doing something wrong.
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