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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
...or, more accurately, the problem of not having any.

China, an oppressive, murdering, communist Thugocracy finds it appropriate to provide Japan a lesson on the importance of history and acknowledging one's past crimes.

This isn't to say that Japan hasn't committed horrible war crimes in its past; but is China really the one to be lecturing anybody on human rights?

I'm sure the 30 million or so Chinese murdered since Mao Zedong's glorious revolution-- the one that established the current government only a half century ago-- would of loved to comment.

It will be interesting to see how this region pans out. With North Korea being a major concern to all in the region, China would be better off not giving Japan (and vice versa) history lessons but instead, focusing on more prevalent issues such as: Pyongyang not only possessing knowledge of nuclear weapons but demonstrating that knowledge with an upcoming test.

I seem to remember an incident concerning Japan, late 1945 and nuclear technology. I would be more concerned and consider something more rash than a disagreement at the six-nation talks, or economic sanctions.

I agree. There is no country as frightening right now as nuclear North Korea. The Japanese know it, the South Koreans know it and, though they may not publicly admit it, I guarantee the Chinese know it too. I don't know how this one will turn out. I'm hoping that some reasonable officers in North Korea stage a coup, capture the government, and de-crazify that backwards country.
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