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Saturday, May 28, 2005
Seems I overestimated the American public. Fewer Americans than I had believed begin violently vomiting at the thought of a President Hillary.

Of course most polls this early only show who has name recognition, and is more of a celebrity popularity contest than an actual indicator of how people will vote. And, I should add, the bookies are running her odds as 9/2.

Still, 1st Lady Bill Clinton is such a horrible thought, I'm gonna have to shotgun some High Life in order to sleep tonight.


The fundamental problem with Hillary Clinton is that we own the Right see her as the Devil's own. When she runs we are going to scream "Socialist!" and she is going to smile and talk about free trade.

She tried to nationalize Health Care 12 years ago. And she has a moderate senate record.

The public does not see a radical in her. If we try to cast her as a radical, she wins.
I would think that the Democrats would have learned their lesson about running a President on a non-existent record. Hillary as free-trader? On the issue of free trade, Cato gave her a 17 rating-- a lower rating then Ted "Look out for Number One" Kennedy was given, tied with Barbra Boxer, and just slightly higher than Robert "KKK Kleagle" Byrd.

As a radical? She's recently made headlines as a stalwart opponent to an act which would punish adults helping children get out-of-state abortions without the parents knowledge.

She does have a mixed voting record-- she's too clever to be a die hard ideologue. But the bulk of her record and rhetoric is that of a fashionable liberal.

If the public doesn't see her for what she is now-- a professional man-dyke politician that will do anyting for power-- they will once the "vast right wing conspiracy" makes her history clear.

Kerry tried to pull off the same trick, and is still a laughing stock. I hope, and believe, that Hillary's fate will be the same.
That being said, I am also fearful that the right will rely to much on the facts to defeat Hillary. If they don't make an honest case against her-- and, like you said, simply scream "Socialist" as she lies about her record-- the Republicans may be in trouble.
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