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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
It has been reported that Syria has severed military and intelligence ties with the United States over what they claim are: unjust American allegations.

Syria believes that the United States owes them something for the role they have taken against insurgents in Iraq. What role? I don't call providing a large portion of the insurgents in the form of foreign fighters a role, I call that state supported terrorism. What better reason to sever intelligence ties...I wouldn't want the US to find out about that either.

Syria further states that credit should be given for their withdrawl from Lebanon. No one wanted you there! Why would you be given credit for a withdrawl, when for all intents and purposes, you were kicked out?! You narrowly escaped having your country handed back to you on a stretcher.

Get real, and consider yourself lucky Syria.

i'm so glad you wrote that, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that someone shares my opinions
I'm sure 3 million Lebanese would share your opinion, at least on Syria being booted from the country. So that must make you feel, like, super fuzzy.

It is a pretty rough statement to basically have an entire country PNG'ed because of their collective actions. What a bunch of fools. While trying to stay fairly non-partisan on this; this is yet another example of vindication for the Bush Doctrine.

The press and liberal elites are having an increasingly difficult time pretending that the Bush doctrine didn't work. Look at where Democracy is emerging-- Lebanon, Iran, Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan for Christ's sake! Until the left can come to terms with the success of the Bush doctrine, as far as foreign policy is concerned, they will continue to languish in irrelevancy.
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