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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
This deserting bastard needs to go.

After deserting his army unit over 40 years ago, this traitor has the audacity to come back to the United States (the very country he gave up on) to see his ailing nonagenarian mommy. I sincerely hope she slaps his face and tells him he's a coward.

What gets to me is the deserter was a sergeant. Someone of that caliber and rank is supposed to be a leader of men; what did this idiot teach them about self-sacrifice, or intestinal fortitude? That it's OK to give up and defect to a communist state? He even took part in propaganda films for the North Koreans. For his troubles (which apparently he regrets), he spent only 25 days in jail.

78-year-old Willie Ancarrow, a World War II veteran said the government should not even have allowed Jenkins' entry into the country. "He went over there on his own -- they should have left him over there on his own. ... He let the country down." Now, I don't know what this gentleman's capacity was in WWII, but he did his time without fleeing to Germany or Japan. June 22, 2005 marks the traitor's departure of this country...I only wish that I could see him off with a proper, one-finger salute. Dummy.


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