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Monday, June 20, 2005

Former president William Clinton decided to add his comments (or was it add his comments for the other Mr. Clinton...I can't remember) in regards to the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. If you read the article, there is a portion where he states that American or British troops would be at much greater risk if they had a reputation for abusing people. I agree with this statement. In order to rectify the apparently negative reputation, a possible solution may be to have the media start reporting the truth vice 'poor detainee' tripe. Just like the media reporting US troops abusing the Qu'ran, instead of reporting the detainees themselves mistreating their beloved book beyond the scope of what the US troops may have done.

"It's time that there are no more stories coming out of there about people being abused." How true. That is something that should have been more closely monitored in the past. "Well, it either needs to be closed down or cleaned up," Clinton said.

Funny, though, how that exact statement can be applied to your zipper. You did your time, got a ride on Air Force One even after stealing everything you could from it, denied an extradition order for bin Laden three seperate times, criticized the current administration's ties with Saudi Royalty despite the fact that your library (that's right, the one that looks like a double-wide) was, in part, largely financed by Saudi Royalty, don't you think you've done enough?

I also find it ironic that the Saudi Royal Family has donated about 8 times the amount to Clinton's charities vice Bush's charities.

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