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Friday, June 17, 2005
Let the countdown begin.

It would appear as if Tom Cruise has proposed to Katie Holmes. He did it atop the Eiffel Tower in gay Paris. Perhaps due to the scientology aspect (which, oddly enough, Holmes is now embracing), the Eiffel Tower acts as a Beacon of Stupidity. I can see it now: "L. Ron Hubbard told me to propose at the most unoriginal place in the world...Niagara Falls was next on the list."

Don't get me wrong; I wish Katie the best of luck. She has admitted growing up with posters of Cruise on her wall and wanting to marry him. I don't wish Cruise the best of luck, as he has been there a few times before and can't seem to keep it together. Hopefully he won't destroy the young girl's life and make her convert to a hokey religion or anything in the process...oh, wait.

I will be interested in comments regarding how long this one will last. I am willing to bet no more than 2 years (if that) for this one.

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