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Monday, June 27, 2005
Book em' Dano.

As far as I am concerned, this is not only a good thing, but a slap in the face of the opponents; specifically Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton and Dick Durbin who would all like to compare the United States of America to some form of communistic gulag or fascist state. What is needed is more prisons in Iraq, but not more prison scandals.

I realize that this is a two-fold issue, as do many others I am sure. While doing their job, they have the capability to beat the self-proclaimed pundits at their own game while not giving them any stories to warp to anyone that may be dumb enough to listen to their rhetoric. This is the kind of garbage that gives the US military a bad name. Not only from within it's ranks (Harmon, Graner, England, Sivits, Akbar etc.) but from outside the ranks by politicians such as Pelosi, Durbin, Dean and Clinton. It is sickening that Hillary Clinton would be even remotely critical of the greatest military on the planet. It is sickening that people like Jean Francois Kerry would like to simply hand over control of our troops to the idiots at the United Nations; in itself a useless organization full of corruption and scandal. It's nearly hypocritical in it's entirety; the mere concept that the policy makers that are so critical have adapted a populist attitude vice their old proletariat supporting centrist days.

Now, at the partial fault of the media in combination with the idiosyncrasies of the above mentioned, you have a created negative image of the US military and the recruiting effort. I realize that this is not limited by any means to the above mentioned (nor the associated party), but rather in reference to a particular mindset most often voiced by the above and the associated party. It's almost as if they are madly stumping for the 2008 season without regards to the eventual outcome.

The US military is doing an outstanding job in the "Global War on Terrorism" with what they have. I laud the entirety of the military (save the within ranks examples and other like-minded cronies) for their efforts and sincerely hope that the motivation continues and carries them to victory. It seems as if along with the creation of a negative image, support has gone missing for the troops. I saw quite a few minions of the King of Pop releasing doves and holding placards in flag-waving support of an alleged child molester (which the jury is still out for many on this matter). In short, the accusations of a few loud-mouthed individuals is not only tarnishing the image of a nation, but smudging the otherwise impeccable image of a military that has granted them the right to do so. Truly a shame.

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