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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Congratulations to ICE and FBI for doing a good job.

FBI just put the Habius Grabbus on two more terrorist scumbags in relation to their connection with al-Qaeda. Also in Lodi, California ICE just detained two people for violation of visa terms. These two just so happened to both be imams at their local Islamic Cultural Centers. I smell a front.

They stated: "We are a peace-loving people; we have never done anything to violate the laws of the United States," a fellow Islamic leader, Taj Khan, told reporters in Lodi. "We love this country as much as anyone else."

Listen chumps; you are not the spokesmen for the entire nation, and you have done something to violate the laws of the United States! The camp that you attended and were trained to attack supermarkets and kill Americans? Remember that? That is a crime! What is more of a crime is you allowed to have lived in this country at all. What's worse is that you specifically requested to come to America to carry out your sorry-ass jihad. If you requested to come here to do that, then you really don't "...love this country as much as anyone else." You are a liar and deserve a long sentence. No virgins for you morons!

How about the legitimate imams quit allowing these corrupt individuals to discredit the 'peaceful' religion and people? I am not the one that should have to even be suggesting this, it would seem to me that if you wanted to promote a religion (which is obviously very influential), you would want to weed out the extremist portion of the equation to have your religion be taken as it is supposed to be. As it stands, the religion is mostly identified as being associated with terrorism. These select individuals are giving an entire 'nation' a bad name.

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