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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
This has got to be a joke. Oddly enough (or not), this too takes place in Florida.

Pamela Grunow is trying to win a suit filed against Valor Corporation, a manufacturer of the supposedly infamous handgun the Valor Raven, because one was used to kill her husband. Here is a link to the actual legal documents in case you are interested beyond the scope of this entry. Be warned; the documents come with a $19.95 price tag. I honestly don't know if they are worth that or not, but would suspect that they are not unless you are a burgeoning lawyer.

The Widow Grunow is holding the company personally responsible for her husband's death. That is wrong because of the fact that their product, when used for their intended purposes, has no chance of harming people. That is to say that if you see their handgun lying on a table it is not going to go off by virtue of you being in the room. It will not go off if you look at it the wrong way, stare at it, take a picture of it, walk away from it, and tell it that you cannot speak to two girls in your class, but a certain user by the name of Nathaniel Brazill definitely can, and that is the issue here.

Apparently, on the last day of school, Brazill was sent home because he was throwing water balloons. He was also told by Mr. Grunow that he could not speak to two girls in his class. This made Brazill mad I guess, and he returned with the .25 caliber handgun and shot the teacher. Brazill is now serving a 28 year sentence.

While a shame, I see no reason as to why compensation should be granted. I see putting the blame on the user and the owner of the firearm, but not the manufacturer. Shouldn't the handgun have been locked up somewhere safe, as to not give access to young Brazill? I think the answer is plainly obvious to that question. Neither the handgun nor the bullets contained therein had any intent of shooting Mr. Grunow, I assure you. As a matter of fact, inanimate objects have no feelings at all! If I bludgeon Nemesis to death with a stapler one day at the office, should Swingline be held responsible? I think not.

The way our office runs, being bludgeoned to death by a stapler might be the best thing that could happen to me. Especially a Streamline-- those things are sweet.
One '57 Streamline, comin' up!

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