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Friday, June 03, 2005

It would seem that one Natalee Holloway has gone missing from her senior class trip to Aruba. That's right: Aruba. Holloway was apparently last seen at approximately 1am at the 'restaraunt' Carlos 'N Charlie's. It is described as a popular restaurant and dance spot where tourists and locals meet. Right.

In the next paragraph of the article, the restaraunt is now being described as what it really is: a nightclub. Holloway's friends apparently saw her getting into a car with a resident who claimed he was a foreign exchange student. Sounds suspiciously like Natalee went to Aruba on a senior class trip; only to hook up with some random dude, who wasn't who he said he was, at a nightclub.

The family spokeswoman Marcia Twitty claims that Natalee is a well-traveled teenager having traveled to far off places like Europe and Canada. She apparently has not picked up any street savvy (or a certain level of common sense) from either her parents or her travels (which I am guessing are not all that extensive, but in fact, are in a very controlled environment) as she still fell for the 'I am a foreign exchange student' bit. Combining naivety with alcohol is a dangerous 'vacation'.

Without trying to speculate as to what happened, as I cannot say with any certainty, Natalee seems to have fallen victim to a classic line. Also according to Marcia Twitty, Natalee would not get into a car with strangers. Well now, it would seem that she did, in fact, get into a car with a stranger. Now she is gone. Wake up parents! Pray that your daughter is living and unharmed. Just because you trust your kid to go globe trotting does not mean that someone won't prey on that very trust to get what they want.

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