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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Way to support your country by defending a defunct, terrorist supporting organization.

I will admit that James may have been good at humanitarian work on some level, but I am not sure when. I think the accepting of the Nobel Peace Prize was a sham. Maybe it was appeasement at work. Let's examine some historical follies: the way that Iran was handled in effect, advanced radical Islam. In 1994 he brokered a deal in relation to nuclear arms with Korea; look where we are now (and coincidently has a lot to do with the aforementioned Nobel Prize). Foreign dictators became allies, he asked his daughter to give input on some presidential matters for God sakes. I think he is bitter that he didn't get a seat on Air Force One for a trip to Rome. Not arguably one of the worst former presidents ever, all I can say is: thanks James; your antics and ineptitude made Reagan that much more of a great president (not that he actually needed your help at all). The only reason that James gets invited anywhere is from a combination of pity and appeasement.

As best said by a good friend of mine: "Stick to building houses, you abject failure."

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