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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Here is some more promising news from the front lines of the war in Iraq: the US has captured a former Sadaam regime spy.

While the US has captured this scumbag, there was another suicide bomber who attacked a checkpoint. Unfortunately, 7 Iraqis trying to do the right thing were injured. This leads me to believe that the insurgents are scared. I say this because this whole suicide gig is weak. I suspect that this whole 72 virgins and paradise ploy is a recruiting tool for morons in the sense that in order to achieve that, you have to get to Heaven. I have further suspicions that they are going nowhere near there.

Here is something to chew on: according to Islam, fighting non-believers is a way to get to heaven (paradise) and get your prize (72 virgins). The number 72 virgins is not specified in the Qur'an, but taken from a quotation made by Muhammad in a lesser known Hadith (a Hadith meaning tradition in Arabic and being a collection of a person's deeds and sayings). That being said, have a look at who the insurgents are concentrating their attacks on: the Iraqis. They are most certainly believers! They believe in freedom and democracy as well as the Qur'an. The people who did not believe were in fact the oppressive regime of Sadaam Hussein. Did the insurgents ever rise up against that office? No. Too scared.

If the insurgents wanted only to fight for their country, then join the people who are doing it (new Iraqi army/police force)! Nope, to scared. How about seeking political means to accomplish what you want to? Nope, to inept and scared; I think that I will just end it all. Fools, there is no prize for you.

On a lighter note, the US has captured a former spy of the Sadaam Hussein regime. This scumbag may also have been financing terrorist groups in the Ghazaliyah district of Baghdad. That is good that these types of financiers are coming to justice. Come to find out, this guy may also be the one responsible for filming the attacks on coalition troops and then posting them on the internet.

Couldn't make it as a spy, too scared to do the right thing and defend his own country against people like himself, tried to buy his friends and finance their idiotic activities and then decides to moonlight as a cameraman. What a loser.

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