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Friday, June 03, 2005
Most Americans are embarrassed by this type of behavior. Soldiers urinating on the Koran, defacing the Koran, throwing water balloons on prisoners...its unproffesional behavior that Americans are rightly unwilling to tolerate from their soldiers.

Which only demonstrates the honor of our nation-- that this is the worst behavior we have seen. Not mass murder and torture of prisoners, but petty humiliations. While innapropriate, doesn't this say something positive of our nation, and our nation's army, that this is what we get worked up about now?

How many millions died in Soviet and German prison camps? In Libya they use rape as an interrogation method. The Islamo-fascists think crashing passenger jets into civilian business towers is an acceptable method of warfare. The English make their prisoners eat English food for Christ's sake.

Its been said countless times before: rarely, if ever, in the history of the world, has an army been more benign to its prisoners and enemies than the American army. Stories such as the one linked above only further demonstrate this. Afterall, if we were actually torturing prisoners, would the mishandling of a goddamn book ever make headlines?

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