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Thursday, June 30, 2005
With no particular links to any sort of article, editorial or otherwise, I am fairly incensed that this idiot still has a job. Without question, this guy is reserved a place on the Pro Idiots page.

Ward Churchill was secured a position in the Republic of Boulder by an affirmative action type drug deal. Even the Keetoowah Cherokee think that Ward Churchill is a bum. He is supposedly a member of this tribe. When asked to produce proof, he gave an ID card of sorts claiming that he was an honorary member of the tribe; but the Keetoowah Nation revoked it in 1994. They want no part of this scumbag. I find it hard to believe, even with all of the liberal sentiment running rampant in today's university system that this man is allowed to spout his rhetoric. It is devoid of facts at best and is mudslinging in its worst form.

What's worse is the fact that his students may be suffering from all of this media attention and whatnot. There is no question that the guy is making an ass out of himself nearly every time he opens his face and rapidly making enemies, even among his 'people'. Some of the students may actually buy into this propaganda, which is sad, but not a total loss as the said students were never brought up to think for themselves to begin with. What can you possibly learn of value from a man who lies about his roots to gain employment, plagiarizes paintings, makes outlandish statements that have little fact to back them up, and on top of it all; encourage the troops that are currently serving in Iraq to frag (murder) their leaders? That is called subversion and is punishable by death in time of war. There is much to be said about tradition. I grew up not too terribly far from the Republic of Boulder and have experienced the CU system and feel that this is a fairly honest assessment of the situation. Without a second thought, Ward Churchill needs to first find a box and then a foster home to store it in.

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