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Monday, June 06, 2005
It seems as if Amnesty International has come up with a new, but not surprising low; Bob Lazar style.

William Schulz has come up with a new theory that the US has a string of 'secret' prisons that are used for torturing and killing the inmate population. This is just a feeble attempt at diverting attention from the already corrupt organization. They have already made unjust accusations of the US by citing the entire country as running 'the gulag of our times' referring to the Gitmo Detention Facility.

Here is another interesting article that defends my suspicions of the 'human rights' organization: Amnesty International supports terrorists.

Let me pose this question Herr Schulz: why would the US bother with an alleged 'archipelago' of secret bases that's sole intent is to torture and kill prisoners, when it could be just as easy, if not easier, to not detain them at all, but instead kill all of them in the name of collateral damage? I mean, after all, there is a war going on! Yes, there was sarcasm intended in the question.

My take on the situation is that you are a saucer nut who locks up his tapioca pudding in a vacuum sealed can. You are suspect! Find something better to do with your time; something you may be good at. Try paper mache, or telling the truth! I will settle for this: try creating a story that is not steeped in jealousy or waiting for the 'mother ship' to sweep you up. Dummy.

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