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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Why can Florida not stay out of the A/V room? This story and associated video was from MSNBC and is worthy of a watch.

Here is my take on the situation, and it is twofold: first and foremost, teach your kids to respect authority on some level. What is in the video is an example of blatant disrespect, which admittedly can be healthy at times, but not in association with a driver concerned for safety issues. Second, I will agree with Albert Taylor calling for a deputy, but not putting his hands on the kids.

Let's face some facts here; at one point or another we have all ridden the bus to school. It is a lawless frontier that is rarely dealt with on the level necessary. Legalities aside, the boys got what the parents should be delivering at home. The two kids are getting felony charges, while the driver (a school official), is receiving a misdemeanor. The mother, Sheri, mentions that her boys (angels?), are not allowed to go anywhere, whereas Taylor, 66, and kicked their ass "...can go out to dinner with his parents or whatever..." Guess what lady, he is 66 and more than likely has been around the block a time or two, that aside, he is 66! I am not so sure I would be concerned with whom he goes to dinner with, but on how your kids act while you are not around.

As much as I like watching bastard teenagers getting worked by angry public servants, I'm not so sure allowing random people to beat kids as they see fit is such a great idea.
Like I said, that should be reserved for the parents.

I will digress to the fact that this is not the 1950's any longer and you can't work a kid with a cricket bat anymore, but discipline is something that should be taught at home and enforced all the time.

Big brother stepping in for junior is instinctual and noble, but that situation could have been avoided altogether.

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