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Friday, July 01, 2005
Give it up already.

al-Zarqawi has supposedly made a videotape of suicide bombings against US troops as well as police across Iraq. These fools must really be hurting if they are putting garbage like this out; due to the fact it can already be found at places like Consumption Junction. Not noted for their computer skills (come to think of it, no skills at all come to mind), these terrorists (al-Zarqawi and bin Laden) are more than likely creating a montage of played out videos and dubbing some burgeoning voice actor's words via the tired message of one of the two aforementioned idiots. One part of the article says that a portion of the video shows suicide bombers laughing with many weapons nearby. We have institutions for people like this. It is unbelievable that these imbeciles think they are actually doing something for the good of the people.

Making tapes is getting lame. Tupac and Hendrix are still cutting albums even though they are deceased. I think that al-Zarqawi and bin Laden are either close to, or already there. I can see it now: but someone said something about 72 virgins! I was duped! Tapes of mindless drones laughing are nothing compared to the collective will of a nation laughing at you and yours dummies. I am willing to bet that rather than collect the offered prize of $50 Million USD, most, if not all, would rather spend $0.24 on a couple of well placed .223, .308, or .50 cal rounds instead.

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