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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
I was just watching some late night news and they showed the orbiter being towed (I don't know where it was going) due to the latest launch slated for tomorrow. I just happened to think; the space shuttle looks like a bucket these days. The undercarriage of the space vehicle looks like my parking spot after my oil pump failed. I wouldn't be too terribly disappointed to find out that a few of my tax bucks went to throwing down a paintjob on that piece. With America dominating space, I would think that NASA would spend more time on aesthetics; send the shuttle to the NASA body shop and wash some of the soot off of it.

In all seriousness, I hope that the astronauts have a safe trip and a successful mission. Upon their return, may they be rewarded with some Dutch Boy and brushes. Unfortunately, my application sent to NASA in hopes of filling the "Door Gunner on Space Shuttle" position has been denied. Oh well, maybe next time.

Breaking News 7/14/05: The NASA launch has been scrubbed due to a faulty fuel sensor. It is good that they caught it in time, but not out of line with NASA's track record as of late. Speaking of scrubbing, now that the astronaut's have some time on their hands, might I suggest they throw down a bucket or two of soapy water and maybe a wax before the next flight?

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