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Monday, July 25, 2005
This woman hates America.

Jane Fonda has announced a bus tour that will denounce the war in Iraq, and call for an end to US military operations in the country. Apparently, Hanoi Jane knows nothing of the need for reconstruction, nor morale of US troops. Given past antics, she does not care either. Oddly enough, she will be promoting her book I Hate America, err, My Life So Far, at the end of the bus tour. In an apparent effort to make her paltry tour look like she cares about something, she is riding in a bus fueled by vegetable oil. How noble! Dummy.

Minus The Nemesis

Not able to leave well enough alone (not like anyone believed her shallow apologies to begin with), she has decided to defame the US and her troops yet once again. We are lucky in the sense that there are no communist anti-aircraft batteries in the US; or she is. What would posses this alleged woman to think that she will be applauded for this 'action'? I honestly hope that there is a trail of veterans at every stop who chew Levi Garrett. I cannot even think of a word to describe this despicable person and her hatred for the US (don't even try to deny that one; to wit: what is her motivation?); if I could, it would most certainly rhyme with punt.

If you, reader, have any decency whatsoever, do your country and those who have fought so hard to preserve her freedom a favor by not supporting this vile person and not caring in the least about her "...Life So Far".

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