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Saturday, July 30, 2005
Apparently the techno-creating Moby has a "newfound respect" for rapper Eminem. His respect is stemmed from Eminem's criticizing of President Bush and the Iraq War on his last album. Perhaps the newfound respect comes from not wanting to get a beak-smack from the rapper instead? You decide.

Minus The Nemesis Oh God, not in the face, not in the face!Minus The Nemesis Word, Bitch.

It is assumed you already know of the beef between the two. Well, I think it's just that Eminem hates Moby. Moby claims to be a pacifist and that Eminem has a crush on him. I think the only anger I have ever heard from Moby is that time he kicked it up to 156 bpm; that crazy guy! What I find funny is that Eminem is cashing in on his troubled youth represented in the film "8 Mile". But this represented life wasn't in the past 5 years, so the troubled life would have been under the Clinton administration's economy. Nothing says selling records like a populist attitude and ignorance!

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