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Monday, July 11, 2005
Our do-gooder government has deemed it appropriate to arrest people for the crime of being drunk inside their homes. Setting aside the question of what constitutes "drunk" (in this case it seems as if someone committed the crime of pissing off a cop), if this sets a legal precedent, I'm pretty much looking at spending the bulk of my future with the Maryland penal system, and all the pleasant forced sodomy that goes with it. The perp is suing on 9th amendment grounds, but if recent history is an indicator, the outlook is grim.

So to recap, you, citizen, no longer have unabridged freedom of speech, can't grow your own weed to prevent horrendous pain, can't keep your property if the government wants to build a Krispy Kreme/Shell Gas Station combo on it, and can't drink in your home.

The police and the government can do whatever they want. They can take your freedom, money, and property for the most dubious of reasons. In all honesty, sometimes this government fucking terrifies me.

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