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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Ah, protestors.

While I can understand that all they allegedly want to do is exercise their 'democratic rights' and do it peacefully; I cannot understand how that is accomplished by the enormous waste of resources required to babysit these riot-inciting mongrels. I have only witnessed one type of 'peaceful' protest; me yelling at my television. With over 60 arrests and 7 police injured so far, they are still claiming that it is peaceful.

I guess it is, and always has been fashionable to consider yourself a 'hippy'. What's bothersome about that though, is the fact that the hippy movement is long gone. They serve no purpose at all anymore. The hippy had their day; many were successful at it and in fact, did protest peacefully...dope will do that to a person. Now, society is faced with their seed and soap sales have dropped dramatically. Whereas the forefathers used hemp for survival, neo-hippies use it as a mechanism to cling on to ideas too far gone to salvage.

At least one outcome may be of a positive light: due to the G8 Summit we may be able to see a neo-hippy protestor waste his time and ours all while catching billy club to the skull on international TV. Tye Dyed Dummies.

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