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Saturday, July 09, 2005
With certain dissent running seemingly rampant in the world and envisioned via the accessible media outlets, it is no wonder there is a perception that 'everyone' hates us, as Americans. Privileged positions as of recent, have allowed certain individuals the heartfelt right to gripe and moan about the state of things and in fact, add to this apparent dissent.

Dissent comes in many forms and it is expressed in many different ways. The perception of dissent is something that can also vary significantly, but in my opinion can have a greater effect on someone's thought process. In a recent bit of reading, I discovered that some people actually believe in the broad generalizations that would have you thinking that 'everyone' hates us. I assure you, this is not the case. This kind of thinking, however, will lead you to be more susceptible to bits of propaganda, anti-military rhetoric, failed economic and political ideologies and a general attitude that can only be described as left wanting for factual information.

Leading in the example of privileged positions being able to attain a greater portion of the collected voice of the people are celebrities. Keep in mind that not all celebrities are of this opinionated set and have no problems keeping to themselves. To say all celebrities are privy to this thought process is to buy into sweeping generalizations; that is not the intent of the writing. Celebrities for the most part, are treated as if some sort of royalty.

Lately, celebrity outbursts have provided for little more than entertainment and shock-value, but have also provided the reader a valuable insight into the world of media and celebrities. What this does, due to their status, is allow the celebrity not only disregard their perhaps once humbling attitude and trade it in for a newfound pseudo-pundit one. What's worse is the media eats this stuff up and actually allows it to air. Be it admitted, open dissent for the current administration, humanitarian efforts nearly everywhere but in the country they live, bourgeoisie lifestyles (which is not bad, if you can afford it. By this I mean at the expense of your respected careers), becoming the de facto spokespersons of ideals and religions that you normally wouldn't, etc. In the latter, these particular ideals and religions that are represented have been, in effect, turned into fashionable practices. What does this do for their image? In my opinion I say that it tarnishes them quite a bit. In your chosen line of work, you should keep in mind that what you do on a daily basis may be cause for scrutiny.

With scores of young people at the helm of the country and thirsting for something to identify themselves with, many will turn to the media for answers. What will they find? The above labeled dissent towards the greatest nation on the face of the planet, that's what. It is the same media that will have you believe that 'everyone' hates America. It is a matter of reporting the truth, not some isolated incidents and then pawning it off on the unsuspecting public as doctrine for an entire nation. For example, if all I see on television all the time is reporters, columnists and the like writing about how awful the government is and how great 'other' economic and political structures are, that is all that I will have to reference, unless I choose to see for myself.

My travel hasn't been all that limited, but not all that extensive either. I have been to some places that I wouldn't wish anyone else to see; had experiences that I would not like others to share. All in all, everywhere I have gone, even the third world countries and the industrial giants, I have not seen anti-American sentiment. What I have seen is a dissent to the host country government by the host country's people, if any sort of dissent at all. For the most part, what I have seen was not a love of America, but in some cases, a jealousy of American ways and more often than not, a curiosity of American ways. What I am suggesting is that people don't perpetuate the negative image of America that the media puts out; rather base your thought process and claims on your own experiences and don't claim them for an entire people or nation. Don't take the media or loud-mouthed celebrities as your guides. Think for yourself.

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