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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
A piece of Minus' last post explained how Democrats allowed this country to wage a war, and then cried about that very same war. This is part of a larger problem our legislative branch has been dealing with-- the abdication of its constitutional responsibility. Time was, the congress had to specifically vote, yes or no, on declaring war. Now they do a sneaky political maneuver-- voting to allow the President to use force in the future. A subtle, but important difference. With the latter method congressmen can do exactly what they are doing now, allow a war to be waged by giving the President blanket approval, and then bitching about him using it. It saves our poor congressional representatives from actually taking a clear stance on an issue.

Love him or hate him, President Bush is the polar opposite of this Kerryitic behavior. Bush, through personal reflection and trusted counsel decides on an appropriate action, and then takes it. None of this limp-wristed pass the buck political maneuverings our congress seems to be so fond of.

While ideologues in the Senate block qualified judicial nominees on very dubious constitutional grounds, compare our soldiers to Pol Pot's murderous thugs, and graft the taxpayer billions of dollars for pork-barrel pet projects, our President is massively assaulted on his clear, decisive leadership. Its bizarro world in every way-- the media praises the likes of Leahy, Kennedy, and Durbin while lambasting the close-mindedness and lack of sophistication of Bush.

Meanwhile, America's glitterati left lavishly praise Cindy Sheehan as a true supporter of our troops in Iraq-- while those same troops disgust of her is only matched by their dedication to their mission.

We live in a world where responsibility and accountability are rapidly becoming things of the past. Hero's are made of demagogues whose only concerns are re-election, while villains made of decision makers.

I think it was The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, in which the townspeople hate the hero because he reminded them of how weak they were. It's in this same dishonorable mode that our congress, and a sizeable portion of our media, act every day.

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