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Friday, August 05, 2005
Muhammad Derka Jihad Cheeseburger.

A select few capitalist Muslims in France are feeling the need for a fast food restaurant. The answer? One "Beurger King Muslim". This is a play on the words "Beur" meaning a second-generation North African living in France, and the obvious Burger King reference. At any rate, with the success Mecca Cola, this is destined to be a hit. People are already driving over 55 miles just to come to this new Muslim-tailored dive.

The burger shack has regular items on the menu that you would expect to find in any other greasy spoon. The main difference being that the meat here is halal. The waitresses along with many of the patrons wear Muslim nugget wraps in a traditional fashion. To be more aligned with the Muslim image some patrons said that the TV was alright, but the music had to go.

One of the owners has pretty high hopes for the dive:
"Maybe this kind of place will help to correct the bad image of Muslims and tell the world to stop talking nonsense about us."
The only problem that I may have with that statement is that 'this kind of place' will not correct any negative image of Muslims, but make people wonder why a generally western-hating religion can open this type of place to begin with (which is modeled after Burger King of course). The world isn't going to stop talking nonsense any time soon is my guess, but maybe Chirac can watch the Olympics from the Beurger King TV.

Burger King, which has no restaurants in France, put forth this comment:
"We are aware of the situation and are looking into it."

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