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Thursday, August 18, 2005

It would seem as if a former Power Ranger and his wife have been charged with the disappearance and murder of a wealthy, yacht-owning couple. Skyler Daleon, 26, and his wife were to stand trial on 16 August. Allegedly, the couple enlisted the help of a 40-year old gang member (John Fitzgerald Kennedy; no relation) and a former prison guard to carry out the plot.

The Power Ranger and his wife posed as interested buyers after spotting the yacht for sale in a magazine. Once aboard, the couple was convinced that the Power Ranger and his wife were legitimate buyers, and took them for a test ride. Once off shore a bit, the yacht owner and his wife were attacked with a stun gun, bound with duct tape and handcuffs and were made to sign a power of attorney giving the Power Ranger rights to the vessel. Once that was done, the Power Ranger tied the couple to the vessel's 66 pound anchor and heaved them into Davy Jones's locker; never to be seen again.

You have got to be kidding me. How low can you go? Perhaps if the Power Paycheck wasn't spent on crank, the perps wouldn't have turned to piracy? Who knows.

Go, go Power Dummy!

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