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Saturday, August 20, 2005
We, as Americans must stay the course and support the troops no matter what your individual political agenda may be. I guarantee you that no one opposes war more than those that actually have to fight it; be it on the home front (I know, there are libs who still deny that we have been infiltrated), or the battlefront. Pay attention to that last sentence carefully you neo-hippy scumbags that surf through your college years on mommy and daddy's money. Eventually, you may come to realize that "action" may very well mean taking up arms and protecting what's yours and not toting some placard about with lost meanings on them. Collectively, you have ended squat in past years. You cause confusion and misunderstanding; little else.

When you begin a fruitless tirade like your comrade, Ms. Sheehan, you begin to lose completely the sight of you original goal. Everyone is privy of your original goals also; because, simply, it has been done before. You are nothing new. Your ideals don't exist; they are but a phase in your pathetic lives. Maybe you will finally realize that you are not the only ones who have never actually read "Das Kapital"; no one has. It's meaningless just like your ideology. You are living an outdated fad...that's it. This will all come to light when you actually realize that all you have been complaining about is precisely what keeps your sorry asses alive and well enough to do so. Stop, think about the troops that are going through Hell this very moment. You have absolutely nothing to complain about compared to most. Get real, and get your heads straight.

This of course, is easier said than done, I know. Try neo-hippies, try.

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