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Friday, August 19, 2005
Several sources from the internet will produce the same (or relatively close) information, so I will not link to any particular site. The reason for the entry is a bit of interesting sabotage history that I learned from watching a special on the History Channel this evening.

During a visit to Iran in 1972, then President Nixon was engaged in conversation with the Shah of Iran about Soviet MiG aircraft being able to fly above Iranian airspace unimpeded. Nixon suggested that the Shah could look into purchasing either the F-14 Tomcat, or the F-15 Eagle. The Shah was apparently at an impasse as to which he should pursue as an option to end the MiG invasion of Iranian airspace, so he wanted an air show of both aircraft. The F-14 Tomcat won.

The US Government approved the transaction and 80 jets were to be sold to the Iranians. Nearly identical to the US Navy F-14 Tomcat (except the omitted, classified avionics), the Tomcat was to prove a formidable weapon. One F-14 was retained in the US as a test bed, and the other 79 delivered to Iran. In January of 1979 turmoil enveloped Iran and as a result, the Shah fled the country. The Ayatollah Khomeini took control of the country and established an Islamic State. Of course in doing so, the Ayatollah adopted an anti-west stance. There was an arms embargo placed on the country by the west.

There were a number of US "contractors" from Grumman also working on the aircraft and providing guidance to the Iranians. After the Ayatollah took over and the embargo was emplaced, the Iranian F-14s could somehow, no longer fire their missiles. Weird.

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