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Saturday, August 06, 2005
This news has been out for some time now, but I am just now getting around to making the appropriate entry. With the advent of the failed, but attempted London tube bombings, four Americans were injured in the attacks. All survived and are doing well as I am reading about them. The two that caught my eye more than the others were the Benton sisters; Emily and Katie.

Both attend the Fellowship Evangelical Free Church, of Knoxville Tennessee. On average, this group hosts around 800 people per service. The vision of this church is to move people beyond religion and into relationship, as well as encourage "disciple making". Overall, the church does not seem to be extremely strange; like that of a similarly named church in Texas. The minister at this church hosted 20,000 people per service. Talk about being disconnected from those you are trying to help.

What struck a chord with me, however, was the announcement by Katie Benton that she would write a book on how God used them to turn a bad situation into a positive one. The positive is that neither of them died, but they weren't dead before the train ride either, so are we going to be getting a book about the lives of the Benton sisters? I will pass. Furthermore, the sisters claim that they are not mad at the failed bombers and continue to pray for them.

Nice work ladies; you are praying for the people that just tried to end your life. Seems to me that they are just as confused as the terrorists are. What do they teach at that church of theirs anyway? I realize that there may be a sense of forgiveness involved (it's especially easy since they survived), but a continued prayer? For what?! If they were praying that they rot in Hell, then I could sympathize, but for some reason, I am inclined to think that they are praying because the terrorists are misguided and such. Quit wasting your time on the lost souls that are terrorists.

Why is Katie even going to write a book? I would understand a book if say, you both got off one or two stops before the bombs went off but not in this instance. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time! If anything, I would think that a blog entry or pamphlet would suffice; maybe just a diary entry. Honestly, how much control do they think they had over that event?

I further realize that faith is a powerful thing. While not crucial of their faith, I am crucial of the motives for a book. Seems a bit out of place to me. Perhaps that is what is suggested at that church? Who knows. For example, it is very easy for someone to get ordained. Hell, Minus The Nemesis just did it:

Minus the Nemesis

The intent being, at what point is spreading the reaches of your church more important than that of making sure your parishioners understand, and listen to the word of God? Just because someone is ordained does not mean that they have all of the answers; obviously. Hey, if the lady wants to write a book, so be it, but I don't see the situation as warranting a book. I could be a parishioner at the same church and be just as faithful without reading it thank you very much.

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