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Saturday, August 27, 2005
Cindy Sheehan has turned any cause that she may have had into a media circus and dragged her son's name through the mud at the same time. I hope that she is proud of herself for defaming a soldier who did his duty...in a volunteer army I might add.

I realize that by keeping on writing about Sheehan, it perpetuates the propaganda that she spews, but this is more of an update. Protest Warrior is now in Crawford, planning to counter-protest the protest. There is the "You don't speak for me, Cindy!" tour also there, as well as a few people that actually support Sheehan...or at least they do for the moment. The "Fashionable Liberal Practices" handbook clearly states that you have to show solidarity for at least one asinine protest during your tenure in a political coma...some have gone way overboard and just chosen not to wake up at all.

Here is an interesting quote from Sheehan's large mouth:
"I know that the Camp Casey movement is going to end the war in Iraq."
No, actually it's not. What is going to end the Iraq War is people doing their job like your son did. Unfortunately you are not willing to accept the consequences that come with a job like that. Movement? What is that all about? What I do after consuming a pile of Hooters spicy wings and several pints of Killian's would qualify as a movement...not this tripe. Why was it that we never heard Sheehan protesting about her son joining the army in the first place? Maybe because she didn't expect a war to come along? Cindy: who do you think fights in these conflicts? What is it you think the army does?

Casey apparently got the gray matter from his dad...whom as I recall has made another smart move by ditching (no pun intended) his cashew of a wife. As this goes on we will see if the nutcase will stick to her guns, only to be arrested for tax evasion. This whole thing has got to be a joke...no one can really be this stupid, bordering on completely retarded and still function, can they?

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