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Friday, August 19, 2005
Although I am inclined not to believe the title of this article, it is an important prospect.

What is being called a new Taliban has allegedly "emerged" in Afghanistan. I would be inclined to think that the former members have finally regrouped after 4 years and are getting back into the fight. That's quite alright, mind you. We, the US, possess enough resources to militarily, economically, and diplomatically put this country back into the stone-age where it belongs (with the rest of the terrorist states), until the terrorists get the message. Only then, should they be allowed to even attempt to run a country.

I have read "The Other Side of the Mountain" and must say the tactics and strategy that have been employed since the Afghan-Russian conflict are a direct result of US intervention and thusly should not be a problem to defeat. The tactics and strategy are now changing, however. This means that the US tactics that were once taught to the now scumbags, must be worked around (which I am 100% sure that the US military community has a contingency plan for) and defeated on another level. This is what is being done now.

I laud the troops and associated support elements for doing what they have done thus far and hope that they will continue to do to eradicate these terrorist scumbags from the earth on all fronts. Baby steps forward; this is going to take time. By the same token; time well spent.

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