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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Yet again, Protein Wisdom hits the nail right on the goddamn head. The mother of a deceased soldier is, if it can be called it, protesting President Bush. While Goldstein does a terrific job of describing the arrogance of her position, I think he is a bit lacking in emphasizing the selfishness of this woman.

Her son died in Iraq. He volunteered as a soldier, served honorably, and was killed while performing a duty he gallantly chose to do. Instead of appreciating her son's decision, and the sacrifice he made in the performance of it, she sullies it by politicizing his death. Does anyone believe that this is how her son would choose to be remembered? As a propaganda tool used to attack the cause which he served?

There was a writer, whom I don't remember, who once said that someday all of the liberal defenders of communism will bolt upright in their chairs and ask themselves "my God, what did I do?" As sorry as I am for her loss, it is that fate that I wish for Cindy Sheehan.

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