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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Minus The Nemesis

Judge Rose Guerra Reyna of the 206th District Court in Hidalgo County, Texas. She is a prime example of why there are still sexual predators loose on the streets. My guess is that when she is up for reelection next year, she will be sitting the bench, just not in the 206th District Court, or a courtroom at all for that matter.

Robert Wayne Thompson entered her courtroom and pleaded nolo contendere to aggravated sexual assault of a child. He also has a felony child molestation record. Keep in mind that to plead nolo, you must have the court's consent. Basically, this means that you are not contesting the charges set forth upon you; it has the same legal precedence as a confession of guilt, although you are not admitting guilt.

What stuns me the most I think, is the sentence handed out to this dirtbag by the dummy behind the bench: 320 hours of knitting. That's right, knitting. As the case stands, the dirtbag has a heart condition and cannot perform the "usual" community service. Think about what is being done here! This alleged dispenser of justice just "sentenced" this man to knit for 320 hours! Meanwhile, the dirtbag's victims are ruined for life. What was the judge thinking?

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