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Sunday, September 04, 2005
A 33-year veteran of the Supreme Court, William H. Rehnquist passed away today. Rehnquist, appointed by Nixon in 1972, oversaw the Supreme Court's conservative shift, presided the Bush vs. Gore case (what a waste) and presided over the Clinton impeachment trial; overall, a very impressive career. While sad that the octogenarian had to pass, this unfortunate event gives President Bush a very rare, second vacancy to fill in the Supreme Court. For the time being, the liberal Associate Chief Justice (basically the second in command of the Supreme Court) John Paul Stevens will take charge. It will be interesting to see who gets nominated for the second vacancy.

Nemesis is still praying for Andrew P. Napolitano to be appointed. Maybe this is your day, Nemesis.

*Note: As of this amended writing, Bush has nominated John Roberts for the position of Chief Justice. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said that she would not retire until her replacement was named.


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