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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Congratulations to Chief Justice John Roberts. With a respected confirmation vote of 78-22, John Roberts has got to be happy at this moment.

Among the 22 party-poopers are the Jackass All-Stars. You know the ones: Hilary, The Swimmer, Boxer, Durbin, Feinstein, Harkin, Kerry, and Schumer. Unable to see past party lines these select individuals have no other logic behind their voting besides the fact that John Roberts is a conservative. Boxer, Feinstein and Clinton are like a triumvirate of stupidity, The Swimmer and Kerry voter combo is a no-brainer and the rest are akin to camp followers.

The Swimmer was among a very select few that publicly encouraged "his colleagues" to vote no. C'mon Swimmer, it's not like he ended a date by killing a chick in Davy Jonses' locker and got away with it! Thankfully there are more than enough level headed individuals in the Senate (both liberal and conservative) that actually can see past the party-lines and vote accordingly.

The position of Chief Justice is something that should be looked at with a non-bias attitude. Some just can't find the time to do the right thing. The unfortunate thing is that it really is not a big surprise the way that some vote. I don't want a predictable party. I want a party that takes the time to research the issues and the people running for office. Thankfully, I chose the right one.


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