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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Space visitors are being welcomed (hopefully) by a sleepy Puerto Rican town called Lajas. Not only are the space visitors welcome, but they will be graced with a runway for their spacecraft.

I think that a few serious questions may be in order:

  • How do the residents of Lajas know that a spacecraft requires a runway?

  • How does Reynaldo Rios still have a job teaching children?

  • Has a spacecraft runway ever been proven to increase tourism?

  • Where does one acquire plans for constructing a suitable runway for alien spacecraft?

  • Will tinfoil hats be provided for the landing party?

  • Should it be named the "Tom Cruise Memorial Spaceway"?

  • Will an emergency response/investigation agency be created in the event of a spacecraft crash?

  • Will regular flights be scheduled for Cindy Sheehan to fly home?

  • I think they have a lot of questions to answer before ground is broken.


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