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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Found guilty on 6 of 7 counts, the morbidly grotesque Lynndie England is headed to the klink for 3 years. Considering that her actions may be directly attributed to retaliatory strikes by insurgents, I think that she got off light. Hopefully, someone in Ft. Leavenworth will never allow her to forget how stupid she really is. In the spirit of the Helen Thomas and the Prodigy entries, here is more of the same.

While barely able to make out a difference, I will leave it up to you to study carefully.

Jabba The Hutt Lynndie England Is Morbidly Grotesque

After a failed plea deal and a failed attempt to blame all on her "lover", Pvt. Chuck Graner (what the Hell was that guy thinking?), it's finally over. Lynndie will have to own up to what she has made out of her sorry excuse for a military career and deal with the consequences for the rest of her paltry life. Dummies like this broad are reasons that the military gets a bad name.


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